Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer already

So, it is summertime here, that means hot, hot, hot! But, we are trying to keep busy doing cooler things like going to the gym and hitting the mall and going to the splash parks. I particularly love going to one of the local shopping centers where they have a play fountain area for the kids right in front of a Mojo frozen yogurt shop! Oh, the joy! I get to have a frozen yogurt and watch the kids run around like crazy in the water.

Brannan has been having fun lately. A couple of weekends ago we went to our friends house for a BBQ and some visiting. Obviously, it was a hit for them! They are only about 9 months apart in age and Brannan has a lot of fun being around him. I wish I could find more people with children his age to have him hang out with, but it is hard these days as everyone is working. I love what I'm doing though and try to play with him as much as I can.

Otherwise, we are getting ready for another trip to Montana. This time it will be for the middle of July. It is coming up so fast! I need to really get on the ball with this one because we are going to be driving. It will be awesome. I haven't been on a road trip in a super long time. I was just telling my sis-in-law how it has been so long and want to go on a road trip, and all of a sudden, this opportunity comes up. Sweet!

One of my girlfriends from high school went into labor this weekend. I haven't heard from her yet about the outcome, but I found out that she is having a boy. I am so super excited for her. It was hard for them to conceive, so this is extra special. I'm sure she is basking in the joy of a newborn, but I so want to hear how it all went! I wish I wasn't 3000 miles away and could go visit her. I was actually thinking of heading back east to go visit her but luckily I didn't go that weekend because she went into labor! I can't wait to be pregnant again. We're still trying...

Well, I better get on with the morning activities.