Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, little one - you had me scared last night. You had me calling the doctor and going into the hospital!

I started feeling contractions about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. Your Daddy came home and I told him that I was feeling contractions and all he said was "Is that your way of saying you don't want to go camping this weekend?" (insert sarcastic ha ha here).

Not really.

But, I brushed it off as Braxton Hicks contractions and went about doing what I was doing. But, then, around 5:00 I started feeling this horrible lower back pain. I was reading online that if you start to feel these feelings you should contact your doctor. So, I hmmmd and hawed over it but decided to call the doctor. She suggested that I go into the hospital to get checked and have you monitored. So, I did. I packed up my little overnight bag in anticipation of staying and having you at the hospital, but they didn't think I was ready yet and said that I was just experiencing normal aches and pains of pregnancy. Now, don't think that I am a complainer, because I really don't like to complain, but it was really hurting and I really was having serious contractions. I only went to the hospital one other time for pain and that was when I had diverticulitis. I think if I would've waited any longer that time, I would've had a torn intestine and I probably would've had to have had surgery. Luckily, it was caught just in time.

Anyway, back to you!

So, after being checked and monitored, they sent me home and I got home about 10pm to a quiet house. No one stayed up to see if I was ok.

But, I guess at least the porch light was left on for me.

Well, today is a new day and everything seems better. I had lots of crazy dreams about you last night, giving birth to you, having you, but you know what, you never revealed to me if you were a boy or a girl. Isn't that crazy? At least, not that I can remember now.

I still don't know what to do about this upcoming holiday weekend, but hopefully something will come up.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm not ready.

But, I am ready.

I am currently sitting on the couch, in front of the fan, listening to a quiet house that has two sleeping kids and a sleeping dog in it, experiencing contractions. My water hasn't broke yet, I think it is just Braxton Hicks contractions, but man, this hour has been full of them. Plus, they have been pretty frequent and are long in duration. It is right across my midsection too.

I wonder if you are going to come a little early, little baby. Probably not - I think I'm just getting ready. Plus, there is a whole 18 days left to go. That is almost half a month. But, I guess we will see.

I'm making banana bread so the house smells good too.

Oh, and on a positive note - this "spring" has been so excellent for us. Not hot at all. And, we had an awesome cold front come through this past weekend that really cooled things off. Two days of having the doors and windows open all day this late in May is pretty unheard of. I am so thankful though that it hasn't been hot. Being pregnant and hot isn't too much fun. Luckily there is only 18 (more or less) days left. Then I can cool off with a nice cocktail. Ha ha!

I feel like your bedroom is almost finished. I just need to get some shelves for your wall. I feel bad that you don't have a closet, but I guess that is ok - Brannan never really used his closet until this past year anyway, and doesn't really use it - I mainly use it to hang his stuff up. You both could probably use the same closet, but I'll see what I can do with some shelving on your walls. I'm sorry you are going to have to look at a gun safe and a computer desk and an extra queen bed - but I'm sure we will have lots of fun hanging out on the bed together. Probably not too much fun with the gun safe (although your father will probably disagree) or the computer, but hey, we have to put them somewhere. Our house is pretty small, like really small, but yanno what? It is a lot better than what a lot of other people have. We have a pool and our own house and our own yard and we can paint the walls whatever color we want and we can destroy our walls with pictures and stickers and not have to worry about it. And, at least you have your own room! You don't have to share it with your brother.


Hee hee.

I bet you will want to share it with your brother when you get a little older. There is a pretty cool bunk bed setup in there. You just wait and see.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So, we need something to do over Memorial Day weekend.

Byron has a 4-day weekend and I really, really do not want to go camping. I mean, I do want to go camping, but the idea of getting up and out of the tent 6 times in one night really isn't appealing to me at all. It just kinda sucks thinking about it actually. But, maybe we will just go to get out of town.

But, my other plan right now is to buy a boat. A pontoon boat specifically.

I have one on the radar from Craig's List. I have emailed the person twice already.

Let's see if it comes through for us.

I hope so! I have always wanted a pontoon boat! It looks big, but not that expensive. I bet it is a scam. But, I hope not.

Well, we are going to go get out of the house for a bit now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yeeee haw!

We are almost there little one!

You have been being such a good little baby in there, I'm going to be sad to see you out of there, although you are making me a little tired. Oh, and I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again. I really do like to sleep like that, on my stomach, but right now I have to sleep on my sides, but yanno, that is a-ok with me if it is good for you! You have been making my hips hurt a little too, but I know that will go away. I know I will be sad in like a year when I will want to be pregnant again so I'll have to remember these times. That is precisely why I am writing this now!

Anyway, 25 more days. They seem to be flying by.

I have most of your room prepared. I just need to find places for most of your clothes. Oh, and we need to find a name for you too. Maybe I'll talk to your daddy tonight about names. I have a big list of names that I like so I'll show him that list tonight while we are eating some dinner. Oh, and dinner - you have been making me not like dinner too much these days either. See, about a month ago, I was a voracious eater. Now, I really could take it or leave it. Breakfast is good - but usually consists of cereal or something sweet. Lunch, eh, that's getting on the iffy side too. I used to start planning lunch at about 10:00, but now, it is kinda like whatever is in the fridge. I feel bad too because I see the boys standing at the fridge, looking blankly at it, like there is nothing good in there to eat. And, since I do all of the grocery shopping, it is my fault that there isn't anything good in there. The only thing I get excited about at the grocery store these days are good deals on diapers! And, boy baby, let me tell you about this deal I found last week!

So, I am going shopping by myself on Friday because it was "boys day out" and they went to lunch and did their own stuff. So, I go into the local grocery store, head straight for the clearance section and a light shines down from above and I hear a chorus of "aaaaaahhhhhhhh" and see glitter in the air as I look straight at the shopping cart FULL of size 3, 4 and 5 Pampers that are on clearance! Holy cow! I had to text your daddy and tell him the good news. I almost just took the whole dang cart because $9 packages of diapers were marked down to only $3 each! It was so awesome - and I had a ton of coupons for $1 and $2 more off of the packages. It was so sweet. I got literally over $100 worth of diapers for only $11. It was the most beautiful score ever. I have been waiting so long for these dang diapers to go on sale and finally they were there, just at the right day and time. Two other moms came quickly behind me and started grabbing at packages too, so I had to be a little aggressive, but I got a lot of them and now I am regretting not getting more.

Anyway, so that is pretty much the only thing I get excited about at the grocery store these days. Food isn't too much of a friend like it used to be. But, NAPS are!

I heart naps.

Seriously. I can't wait until 1 or 2 in the afternoon - it is my most favorite time. Well, only if I can get the kids asleep too.

Well, I just wanted to check in with you and tell you that I'm really looking forward to seeing you and meeting you and making sure you are happy and healthy. I know you will be, I just want to see for myself. We have another appointment on Monday - this time they will start to check me internally to see if you are getting ready to come out. I'm suspecting you aren't yet, but we will check just to make sure.

So, it is that magic hour in the afternoon - 2:00 and both kids are in their rooms (J and B).

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The boy woke up so early today. 6am. Ugh. I think it is because the sun is getting him up earlier and earlier. Even though we have a duvet cover over his window, he still wakes up. And, I went to bed at 8 last night hoping to fall asleep, but got sucked into watching something dumb on TV. So, I finally turned off the TV at about 9:15 and woke up about 9:40 woke up super sick and had to vomit. Ick. Then I was up from 3-4 and was in a good sleep when I heard the boy wake up. Oh, and my hips were hurting too. Ugh, I don't mean to complain so much, but I think this will be the last time I can complain about being pregnant since my husband doesn't want to have any more children (boo hoo).

Anyway, the boy was complaining that he couldn't find something this morning so I went into his room and said we would find it later and he just needed to lay down for a few more minutes. Then he said something that just crushed me. He said "Ok, Mom. You are my best friend."

Oh be still my beating heart!!!!!!

I said "you are my best friend too, buddy, I love you" and walked out of his room back into my bed in hopes of catching a few more zzzz's but I couldn't stop thinking about what he said. He is just too damn sweet, I tell you.

I know when he is like 7 or 8 or 9 I won't be hearing this, and I hope he still loves me when he is 16, 17 and 18. These days are just so precious and I love every single thing he says. I want him to remember how he feels about me when he turns into a teenager.

I only wish.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am so tired today.

I can't even think of anything good to say.

It is getting hot here. It isn't in the 100's yet, but that is just around the corner I'm afraid. I have pulled out the sun dresses and have been putting away all the pants. No need for them anymore. Especially maternity pants! Although I did keep a couple out just in case I need them for something.

I think I finally have the baby's room all settled. All except for the clothes. I started going through them today. I have a gigantic bucket full of them from Brannan. It is amazing how many clothes I have kept!

Well, if we have a little girl, I think she might be wearing quite a few little boy clothes!