Thursday, March 25, 2010


You know when you are a Mom when you are in the parking lot and you look for a parking spot next to an empty grocery cart instead of a parking spot closest to the entrance.

Going to the grocery store today was funny. I let the big boy do his "own walking" and had the little one I occasionally watch in the cart. She was doing just fine talking and smiling and watching things go by. The big boy wanted to push the cart (from the front and walking backwards), so he actually wanted to pull the cart, through the grocery store. He was a pretty big help and I really only needed a few things anyway (but ended up with half a cart full of stuff), but when I started zigging and zagging, he followed, but I got frustrated because it was going so slow. I finally got him to pull facing forward so he didn't have to worry about running into things and we got around a little quicker.

We checked out, went out to lunch, got pooped on by a pigeon, dropped my water bottle in some stagnant fusty water and got home.

After I unloaded all the groceryies, I noticed a huge pack of Always pads on the counter. I was like "wth? where did these come from?" Well, I guess big boy wanted me to buy them so he put them in the cart for me.

Um, yeah, no.

Now we have to go back and return them. No biggie, just funny that I never saw them in the cart or in the checkout line as we paid for everything. It totally snuck right by me.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Ok, so it is getting really close. 82 days!

Today I had another ultrasound. You looked great and you are growing steadily. At the last ultrasound (one month ago) they said you were only in the 9th percentile. Today you are in the 22nd percentile! Yay baby! Grow baby grow!

I was supposed to take the glucose test today too, but I guess the leftover chorizo burrito would skew my numbers too much so I will have to go back later this week to do the test. Bummer, especially since we had a babysitter for your big brother.

Pappy has been doing an awesome job of babysitting your big brother. He even changed a poopy diaper today with one arm in a sling. I have no idea how he did it, but he said he managed it. Wow, thanks Pappy!

Right now your big brother is taking all of his crayons out of his bin and spreading them all over the kitchen counter. We went out to lunch today after our appointment - I was hoping to get one of my favorite items of all, the salmon salad at Pasta Pomodoro, but alas, they were out of salmon! Dang them! So, I had to have the chicken salad instead. It was pretty good and man did it fill me up like the dickens. I am still not hungry. I think that will be my one meal for the day. Although I think you might like a milkshake later on for dessert.

You were so cute on the ultrasound today, but you kept your little arms in front of your face so the tech couldn't get a proper picture of you - but I saw your cute little nose and your little lips and your chin - you look so much like your big brother it is amazing. I know you will come out looking just like him and being the cutest thing on the planet.

Only 82 days left in there little one - make the most of it!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Oh wow!

So sorry it has been so long since I posted!

I really wanted to mark the 100th day because it was such a milestone, but dang, here we are 5 days later and only 95 days left of this pregnancy.

My husband keeps saying that this pregnancy will be the last one. That makes me a little sad.

I wish we had a bigger house so we could have more kids - and I wish that money wasn't such an issue too - kids can be expensive! I wish, I wish, I wish. But, anyway, he keeps saying that this will be the last one but I'm not so sure. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince him into having another one. Although I am getting up into the "advanced maternal age" thing. Ha ha! That is something to laugh at! I sure don't feel "advanced!" Well, the point is is that I really would like to have just one more kid. Actually, I'd like to have two more to make a 6-pack! Ha! I don't think I have enough time left on my maternal clock though...

But, baby - I have been feeling you twist and turn and kick around a TON lately! It is so fun to feel you and to wonder what you are going to be like. You have been spinning and flipping like there is no tomorrow. Although, the one complaint I do have is that you have been making me sick - A LOT! I have yet another cold - and, at least it isn't nausea, I have been sick so many times this pregnancy, it is strange. When I am not pregnant, I am usually really healthy. I never get sick with a cold - only once a year, but man, this year I am feeling you! Brannan has been sick too and whenever he gets sick, he gives it to me. At least this one is on its way out.

Finally, just a little bitching - so, I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, and it seems that EVERYONE is putting up a stupid "donate" button on their blog for the dumbest things like going to BlogHer or buying crap for themselves. I mean, I understand asking for money for families that have cancer and need help, but, sheesh, c'mon - if you can't afford to go to a stupid conference, just deal with it! And, if you can't afford to buy crap for yourself, deal with it or put it on a credit card! Ugh! It is just so ridiculous the amount of begging that is going on these days...