Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It Begins

So, our adventure has officially begun, I think.

Today, the professional movers have packed everything up and left our house full of dust bunnies and random bits of this and that which we don't know what to do with. It is amazing how such a tiny little house can hold so much STUFF! Really, I thought that we didn't have a lot of stuff, but once the packing began, I realized that we do, indeed, have a TON OF STUFF!

Today I roamed the little house that we have lived in for the past 7 years - looking at the yellow paint on my boy's wall. Looking at what a crappy job I did down at the bottom by the baseboards - knowing full well that when I was painting that area, I was SO DONE with painting! I think I was like 8 months pregnant when we finally decided to make the "nursery" for our pending child. I remember choosing the color - yellow - not a mellow buttery yellow like our kitchen is, but a more "green" yellow. I don't remember how it was picked, but I remember comparing that yellow to the yellow that lines our hallway and hating it. Although, I couldn't tell my husband because we just spent an entire weekend DAY painting the "guest room" a nasty colored-yellow.

It turned out great, though.

We welcomed home a baby boy and didn't even think twice about the color in his room.

Today, though, the bunk beds were disassembled by the movers.
The pictures were taken down and packed away.
The books were packed for France.
The toys, too, were packed for France.

This is going to be an amazing journey. It will most likely be filled with stops and starts, but I am optimistic.

I think it will be such a wonderful time to reminisce about.

But, back to today.

Today, we are all in our respective beds. One for each of us. Only a mile away from the home we have lived in for the past 7 years. The home we brought Brannan into. The home we brought Kinnerly into. The home we lost Leia in. So many memories. Such great times.

It seems weird to be staying in a hotel that is only a mile from your home. Like, I should just drive back there and sleep in my bed with my pillows and the crappy pink rug that has been there forever. With my nightlights and my midnight snack dark M&M's.

It will take time to get used to this new place.

But, I am ready.

I am SO ready!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worst Mom In The World

I think I won the "worst mom in the world" medal. So, to start off, I began with a meeting of two guys who were going to look at buying the Saturn. It was all going so well and they agreed to buy the thing. The next step was to go to the bank and get the title notarized. So, I'm trying to round up the kids and everything I need to go to the corner to the bank. I grab the car seat, set it on top of the kitchen counter and set Kinnerly in it. Then, everything happened in a split second. Brannan threw my sunglasses on the floor and for some reason, just instinctual I guess, I bend over to pick them up. Not even comprehending that I hadn't buckled the baby in yet, because really, it only takes a SECOND to pick up something off the floor! Well, she decides to see what I'm doing out of her view and she sits STRAIGHT UP! And then her carseat rocks. And it propelled her, almost shot her, out of her carseat and face first on to the saltillo tile! The carseat came quickly after and landed on top of her. OH MY GOD! I freaked out! She started crying, obviously, but that was better than her being unconscious! Her little nose bled for a tiny bit and she couldn't stop screaming. I didn't know what to do, to take her to the ER? The pediatrician? I tried calling them but they are always busy and I got sent to a recording. I tried my Mom, but she wasn't at her desk. I was wandering all around and around the house holding her close trying to get her to stop crying, giving her a passifier and whatnot. I checked to make sure her eyes were still dilating (which they were). I think I did that like 3 times in our dark bedroom. Well, I loaded them all up finally after about 10 minutes freaking out, trying to find Brannan's shoes and then we had to wait forever to get the stupid title notarized. Anyway, after all of the car crap, I called Byron and told him that I needed the car to take the baby to the doctor. Well, it ended up that her poor top lip and nose took the brunt of the fall. Her lip is so fat that she doesn't even look like the regular pretty baby we know. It is so strange. But, you look in her mouth and her whole top lip is dark, dark purple! I feel so bad. I felt so bad that I had a dream that Byron told me that she died! Oh my! Anyway, that is the story of the worst mom in the world. But, the Saturn is sold and then after I got back from the pediatrician, we had an appointment for someone to come and look at our house to rent. And, the guy loves it and is going to sign the lease! Now our house is rented too! Today an evaluator comes over to get the details for our move. Guess how much it is going to cost to fly Zeffie over! Uh, yeah - $2200!!!! Too funny. It will make for a good part of my book though!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zee Play Ground...

There is this little place right outside of our hotel called ZepleGarounde and literally, it took us almost FOUR days to realize the name of this place! I swear, I was looking up all these words in my French dictionary and couldn't find any of them. So, finally, today, I figured that it was a play on words and just sounded it out (in English), and voila!

The Play Ground!

It is a cute little space inside a building with some areas for kids to run around in. A ball pit, some little padded mazes and stuff like that. Oh, they also have a video game station that Brannan really loved - he played this game that had a 4-wheeler going off road and he wouldn't stop playing it!

The people that own it are making a killing! It is a great place in this city of shops and restaurants. This town has a LOT of shops and restaurants. It really isn't a place for a family with little children, we have figured out.

I think we realized that we really aren't "city" people. Gosh, I know that our place back in Arizona is really small, but, compared to these little apartments, it is a world of difference.

And, really, lately, I have been wandering around our house, thinking how small it was and how much we didn't really need all the stuff we had. But now, when I am here, I see that everything is made from IKEA and everything is in tiny proportions, it makes me really appreciate the space that we do have. Thinking about my sister-in-law's place makes me want to wear a hoop skirt and twirl around singing "The hills are alive....."

Otherwise, we took a little drive today and saw a little bit more of this area.

They love the "grand rond" - which is just a traffic circle. Personally, they freak me out because the GPS lady says "take the 5th exit on rue de blah blah" and I have to count however many streets you can go on, but if you aren't allowed to go on one street (aka - one way!) then, that doesn't count as one of the "exits". Seriously, it makes my knuckles white and my adrenaline pumped to the highest level.

And then there is driving with my husband.
Oh. my. gawd.

So, he is listening to the GPS lady and she says "veer right on rew deh l'orsaghe" or something like that because she can't even speak french. And then Byron says "so, do I go right here?" and I say, "I DONT KNOW! LISTEN TO HER!!!!" and then he veers right too soon and then the GPS lady says "RECALCULATING!!!!" and then you know you are in for it because he turned too soon....

Makes me want to stab myself in the shins and wish I was back in Phoenix where every street is a square.

So, needless to say, driving here has been an adventure.

We did get to go to a museum today and saw some really old artifacts. It was awesome. I only wish I remember my days back in college when I was studying art history. Remembering the difference between Gothic and Romance and all those eras. It is just nice being able to see some really old art.


Well, we finally made it and whew, was it an adventure.

The flights were great, although quite long. British Airways is really nice (at least the area we were in). We had private TV's and you could choose your own movies. I watched Black Swan (which I've been really wanting to see) and a couple of others. Brannan watched Lilo and Stitch and a little bit of Cars before we landed. He watched the whole movie when we got on the plane and then I made him go to sleep after that. He slept for at least 5 or so hours, so that was good. Kinnerly did good too. She was up only about an hour during the whole flight. A little fidgety when she was up, but she did really good. The layover in Heathrow was kinda long and Byron was really struggling with no sleep. It didn't really bother me at all, the lack of sleep and the time change. I think it will when we go back but we all slept in today until like 12:30 (we went out to get something to eat at midnight last night because we were all hungry!).

So, driving in Toulouse is very crazy and scary, especially at night! The streets are all crazy one-laners and there aren't any visible street signs. And, our GPS was a little sketchy and lost the satellite like 3 times! Somehow, it got us near the hotel and Byron just kept driving down all these little side streets and we finally found it! Try directing a suuuuper tired, frustrated Byron through Toulouse, it is fun (not).

We also had so much stuff that it barely fit into our little car! Oh man, that was a little scary too.

Anyway, after we got to the hotel super late last night and got some dinner we got to bed around 1 I think.

We walked around a little while this afternoon and there are sooooooo many restaurants and little boulangeries everywhere! We are in the center of town and there are soooooo many people too! People everywhere! It's like trying to walk in Disney World with a stroller, Sandi! Super crazy.

Anyway, people are really friendly so far. I've tried a little french out but feel like I'm being an idiot. Especially when they start speaking in english to me. Oh well. I'm trying at least. We were watching a kiddie cartoon (Word World) this morning while getting ready and it was in french and english and I totally understood it! It was awesome. But, out there in the real world, everyone speaks so fast it is hard to understand.

I went into about 6 stores looking for a universal plug adapter (I tried yours Mom, but the plug is all rounded out and weird so the big boxy one didn't work) and I was understanding quite a bit. It's fun but I still sound really dorky when I try to speak to someone.

The boys went out to get some Euros. Thanks so much Dad for those emergency ones you gave me, saved us a couple of times! All of our credit cards didn't work at the supermarche (grocery store) so I had to use cash.

Byron doesn't have to work until Monday I think so we have time to walk around and try to find something fun to do.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that we got here without much of an ordeal - besides the driving - and now we can really relax and have some fun!

Now that we have a plug, we will keep you posted.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Getting ready

We are getting ready for something. We are waiting and waiting and waiting for our chance at a little change on this ranch. It will be very very exciting if everything comes into place. I really hope so.

We could potentially be living in France!

And not just any old part of France either - we would be in Cannes, France!

I can't even imagine what it is going to be like. Well, ok, I have been imagining what it will be like - a LOT actually - because there are so many things to consider and think of when taking on a move like this.

It won't be permanent. But it won't be quick either. We could potentially be there for 3 years. That's quite a long time. Big Boy will be 6 and will be in regular school and the baby will be 3. I can't even imagine what that is going to be like. I don't want him to be 6! Oooh, it makes my heart ache just thinking about it! But, I digress...

I have been wandering around the house lately looking at all the "stuff" we have and have collected over the years and just get overwhelmed thinking about trying to get rid of it all, or using it all up. I'm trying not to buy a lot of things because I don't want to have to part with them or sell them for next to nothing at a garage sale. That would just be a real bummer. But, then again, everything has been put off and put off it just keeps on going. I mean, really, my Costco membership is due next month! Should I renew it or not? I don't know! Should I get my baby a passport? I just don't know what to do!

So we keep waiting.
This waiting stuff is making me crazy.

Otherwise, this weekend is B's birthday. We are going out for Happy Hour tonight and tomorrow night we are going to the movies. It should be a pretty fun birthday weekend for him, at least I hope so! It's hard getting babysitters too. I feel bad dumping the kids off on my parents mainly because it is really hard for me to watch them take care of the kids. They are great with the boy, but the baby is different. She is pretty needy and likes to be held a lot. But, I guess I should just "cut the umbilical cord" as someone once told me a while ago and let them take care of her. It isn't that big of a deal, right? Right? Yeah, they'll be fine. Especially for a couple of hours.

Isn't she a cutie pie?
She has the most beautiful blue eyes too!
Won't she be a knockout when she can speak French and English?!?

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 2011

Wow, it is January already!

The holidays came and went without a hitch. We all had fun and it was especially fun for the big boy because Santa came! OMG! Santa left presents on his bed, Santa left presents under the tree, Santa left presents at Grandma and Pappy's house! Wow, it was really a Christmas to remember. Santa brought big boy an electric Lightning McQueen racecar!!!

He was stoked! I think it might've been more fun for my Dad and his Dad to watch him though. They had a great time laughing and yelling directions to him. Now, 5 or 10 days later, he is a pro at it. Daddy even made him a little racecar track in the front to drive around and to practice his backing up skills and his forward skills. He is so cute and talks about everything (except when you want him to talk, he won't - pretty much around strangers though). But, Santa brought him Toy Story 3 movie, a Lighting McQueen scooter and helmet and some other fun goodies. Oh, some Monster Trucks. He really likes those. Oh, and he also got Legos! I'm excited for the Legos. I used to love to play with them when I was little and I wish I kept them. I'm lucky I got some of the books that I had when I was a kid. My Dad likes to throw stuff away, which isn't bad, but I pretty much don't have anything left from my childhood. That's ok though, I don't like to keep stuff around either.

Otherwise, little tiny child had a good Christmas too. She got a Magic Wand from Santa and she loves it. She is too tiny to get toys yet, although her Auntie got her some cute toys - a chewy bunny toy and a little boombox that has lights and music.

MY Christmas was good too! I got a beautiful pair of earrings. I felt bad though because I didn't get my husband something big. I told him not to get anything and that Christmas was really for the kids, but he didn't listen. But, I love them and haven't had any new jewelry in quite some time.

Christmas Eve was fun. We had Whipahol! That was the funnest! Everyone got a little silly at the end and we had a special friend with us too since her family was back East. We were so glad to have her because she is a great guest.

New Years Eve was fun too! We went over to Val's for a while. Ate some delicious food and kept the kids up until 10pm! Then we came home, did a couple of fireworks out back and sent the kids to bed. By that time it was already 11 and we stayed up to watch the ball drop. My favorite holiday! Come and gone. Just like that.

Now, we are into a new year.

Who knows what it will hold for us. There are things on the horizon that could flip our family upside down. Good things. But, still, it would be fun and different and totally exciting. But, things are very far from being finalized or even proposed, really. We should find out soon!

That's all for Christmas.

My New Year's resolution is of course, to lose weight (down 10lbs so far!) and to write more! :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well, I got our beautiful holiday cards from Shutterfly and they are awesome! I even got them mailed out this week. I haven't heard from anyone yet if they like them or not, but I sure as heck do and I guess that is all that really matters. Oh, my husband likes them as well. So, they are out there in the world and I hope that they are liked.

I haven't had much time to update at all lately. It seems like the weeks are flying by.

Kinnerly has started eating real food. So far she has had sweet potatoes and some butternut squash. She may be teething, but not really sure. I hope not. I want her to stay a little baby forever!

She sleeps through the night. Usually from 7:30 until 6:30 which is wonderful. I always tell people I meet on the street that she came out sleeping through the night, which is pretty much true. It is awesome. Makes me want to have more children!

Brannan has been somewhat of a little mischief lately. But, then again, he is 3 years old. He is super funny though and likes to be a stunt man and is always bonking his head or running into walls on purpose. The other day he was spinning around on the floor like he was a dog and he said "look mom, I'm chasing my tail like Zeffie does." Hilarious. And, Kinnerly was laughing at him. That was probably the best part.

Life right now is in limbo. We are waiting on huge news. We may be moving to France! I can't believe it. I am scared and excited and nervous about it all. I have so many questions but we can't do anything right now except wait and see. We will have to get the baby a passport though, that's for sure. I am nervous that the husband won't like it. I don't want him to do this for me. He needs to want to do it too. We will have to have a huge life discussion about this when the final details come into play.

But, this weekend we are going to be in the Tempe boat parade! I am so stinking excited I can hardly contain myself. I am nervous, though, about how we are going to power our lights. I really need to get it all set up tomorrow night (my birthday!) and have it ready to go. I don't like doing things last minute.

And, another birthday is here. Bleah.

I'm getting so old! :(

I think I should've started on this kid journey a long time ago.

But, that's a post for another time!