Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well, I got our beautiful holiday cards from Shutterfly and they are awesome! I even got them mailed out this week. I haven't heard from anyone yet if they like them or not, but I sure as heck do and I guess that is all that really matters. Oh, my husband likes them as well. So, they are out there in the world and I hope that they are liked.

I haven't had much time to update at all lately. It seems like the weeks are flying by.

Kinnerly has started eating real food. So far she has had sweet potatoes and some butternut squash. She may be teething, but not really sure. I hope not. I want her to stay a little baby forever!

She sleeps through the night. Usually from 7:30 until 6:30 which is wonderful. I always tell people I meet on the street that she came out sleeping through the night, which is pretty much true. It is awesome. Makes me want to have more children!

Brannan has been somewhat of a little mischief lately. But, then again, he is 3 years old. He is super funny though and likes to be a stunt man and is always bonking his head or running into walls on purpose. The other day he was spinning around on the floor like he was a dog and he said "look mom, I'm chasing my tail like Zeffie does." Hilarious. And, Kinnerly was laughing at him. That was probably the best part.

Life right now is in limbo. We are waiting on huge news. We may be moving to France! I can't believe it. I am scared and excited and nervous about it all. I have so many questions but we can't do anything right now except wait and see. We will have to get the baby a passport though, that's for sure. I am nervous that the husband won't like it. I don't want him to do this for me. He needs to want to do it too. We will have to have a huge life discussion about this when the final details come into play.

But, this weekend we are going to be in the Tempe boat parade! I am so stinking excited I can hardly contain myself. I am nervous, though, about how we are going to power our lights. I really need to get it all set up tomorrow night (my birthday!) and have it ready to go. I don't like doing things last minute.

And, another birthday is here. Bleah.

I'm getting so old! :(

I think I should've started on this kid journey a long time ago.

But, that's a post for another time!

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I started taking prenatal pills again.

No - I'm not pregnant. And really, they are just leftover from when I was pregnant.

But, I can't help but feel so totally nostalgic when I break them free from their little plastic container and pop them in my mouth. I think about all the kicking and the sore hips at night from sleeping on them and all the crazy dreams while I was pregnant.

Granted, my baby is only 5 months old, but I am alredy missing being pregnant so much. I just love it. Well, I don't love the "no alcohol" part, but I love the attention that I can draw just by holding my stomach, or wearing those awesome maternity clothes that really show off your belly. Or, while ordering dessert at a restaurant, justify yourself by saying "the baby really wanted that cheesecake!"

So, at night, while I am scrubbing my face and brushing my teeth, I look at the pack of prenatal pills sitting in the basket next to my sink and figure, what the heck, I'll just go ahead and take them, it can't hurt anything. Even if I'm not growing a little baby in there, I can still take the vitamins, they are good for me.

And, for a split second, I pretend I'm pregnant again.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love your pretty blue eyes! I hope you keep them. And, Daddy does too!

That is one of the things that he says most about you. He really hopes that you keep your pretty blue eyes. I still think you are pretty though, blue or brown eyes!

Today you slept a lot and we were babysitting, so that was great.

You woke up a lot last night, but just needed to be wrapped up again and you fell back asleep. You really do need to learn how to sleep without a swaddle though, girl. The swaddle doesn't keep you contained anymore. You are so strong!

I remember swaddling your brother up. One wrap and he was gone. He would sleep for 10 hours straight in a swaddle. You - you sleep for a couple hours max. But, that's ok. Just a different kiddo!

Brother is screaming, gotta go.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Aw, pretty girl, don't look so scared! It is just a huge gigantic flower on your head!

You are growing fast and furious. The other morning, I was holding you and I was drinking my first glass of cold water for the day and you just reached right out and swatted that glass right from my mouth! I couldn't believe it! You just didn't want me to have a drink at that moment, I guess.

You smile all the time whenever I say hi to you and the most awesome part of my day is when I go and get you in the morning and your face just breaks into the biggest smile, it seems as if your cheeks might crack from the sheer pressure.

I love it.

And, I love you.

We are coming into the holidays already and this will be your first Thanksgiving and your first Christmas. I know Brannan will command much of the attention, but you will be the prettiest girl in the house, no doubt!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Cards

I do love Christmas cards.

There is something about them that makes me happy. Getting one (or a few) in the mail really makes me happy. It makes me realize that even though I may not talk to friends for a really long time, or only see them on Facebook, or just plain got out of touch with them, still shows that they care about me and my family.

Yeah, sure, sometimes it is bragging. I don't like those all-inclusive 8.5 x 11 printouts that tell you all about how so-and-so graduated college and that all of the kids are getting straight-A's in high school, or how old that makes me feel even though I have a newborn and a three year old. Eh, I guess I started late, so what. But, I like the pretty pictures just to see how the kids are growing up or what sort of fun is being had along the way.

I like seeing people on the beach on their Christmas cards. I like seeing snow too, since I don't get to see it very often. Really, I just love pictures. A little glimpse into someone else's world for a brief second.

Anyway, I am going to use for my Christmas cards this year. They have an awesome selection:

This one jumped right out at me (and not because it was the first one). I really like the black and white photos. I'm gonna try to take some good pics of us so I can use this template:

Oh, I like this one too, but it is a fold out card and that means I'm gonna have to write something on each card! Ugh.

Although, a wall calendar would be fun to make, but I don't have enough photos to make one of these I don't think.

Finally, you can get matching labels for the envelopes! How cool is that?

Gosh, I better get on this holiday stuff.

There is just so much to do. I just got back inside from cleaning up the Halloween decorations. It doesn't even feel like Thanksgiving is just around the corner, but it really is. I can't believe how fast this year has gone.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We had the worst Labor Day camping trip ever!

It started out that we lost the keys to the truck on Thursday night. Unbeknownst to us, the keys mysteriously fell into a pile of baby stuff that was carted off to our friends' house that night.

We searched high and low for 3 hours straight on Friday morning to no avail. And really, our house is not that big. The first twenty minutes could've pretty much covered everything.

Luckily, my girlfriend was allowed to use their extra truck from work to take us all up. So, we continued to pack to go camping but there was a mysterious undertone to everything. Everyone was slightly off edge and cranky. We got to our spot (that we didn't even want to go to) late so we had to set up everything in the dark, which is a total pain in the ass.

Friday night was ok. I didn't feel like cooking at all because I hate to cook in the dark, and hate to eat in the dark even worse becaue I don't know what the hell could be crawling around in my food. I really need to SEE what I am eating, at all times. So, I made some sandwiches for everyone (without condiments because we seemed to have forgotten those too) and some pasta salad. That was ok. A few cocktails later and everything was even better, but we had to get to bed because little children wake up really really early when you are camping.

Oh, rewind to the drive up to the spot - my friend gets a photo radar ticket in her work vehicle! OMG! So lame!

Saturday was ok, but the spot that we camped in is really really dirty. I know that sounds really dumb since you are camping, but honestly, it has this terrible dirt that is black and is so super fine, it is like powdered sugar fine. Super annoying and when you are wearing sandals, your feet are instantly black. The boys took off to go to the lake and got lost for like two hours trying to find the lake. They come back to the campsite and decide to go shooting and my husband forgets all of his ammo in the car. Duh! Whatever! What else could go wrong?

They come back from shooting so late, I don't know when to start dinner (there aren't exactly any cell phones up there), and then again, we are cooking in the dark and I was so pissed off about it, I didn't even cook. I threw a little bit of a fit about that too. Oh, and to top it all off, my girlfriend caught a cold.

Yay camping.


I had too many cocktails on Saturday night but had fun doing it but regretted it the next morning on the drive home. My girlfriend gets up Sunday morning and just basically threw a fit about being dirty and said she wanted to go home so we packed up and were home by 12:30 to continue the search for our missing keys.

We went swimming on Sunday afternoon, cleaned up a little, looked for the keys and ate some pasta for dinner.

Monday we had to return the car to my girlfriend and look for more keys. I called the towtruck, they took the car to the dealership. Luckily, they were closed though, so that allowed for more time to look for the keys.

Tuesday rolls around and still no keys. The dealership called and said it was going to be $600! Holy shit! Are these keys going to sing me romantic songs and take me out to dinner too?? Or, maybe to Hawaii? I could've flown to Hawaii for that price!

But, we still have no keys so I tell them to go ahead and do it.

Tuesday the husband gets home from work and we are getting ready to go pick up the MOST EXPENSIVE SET OF KEYS I've ever encountered when my girlfriend calls. I figure she just wanted to tell me something or other, but she says "I found your KEYS!"

Oh no you didn't!

Please tell me you didn't!

She did.

They were in a pile of baby stuff that left the house on Thursday night.

Mother #$%%%^^.

That was the worst and perhaps the most expensive Labor Day I've ever had.

But, hey, things could be worse, so I guess it is ok.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Two months

Two months old! It has been a little over two months since we brought our new little girl home. Things have gone pretty seamlessly too. It has been good adding another one to our family. She is filling out more and she is starting to look like a little girl now. She still has a little bit of the "froggy legs" left. It is super cute when you pick her up, she bends up her little legs like a frog. I absolutely adore it!

We have done so many things with her - things that we didn't do with Brannan when he was that little.

We already took her up to Montana for a two week vacation. She did great. She slept a lot and didn't really cause too much trouble. We were able to do most things that we normally do with her. The only thing we did have a problem with was all of us going out rafting together. My sister in law watched her one afternoon when we went rafting which was awesome. It was so nice to get out and go rafting. We went up to our cabing for a couple of days and took out the little boats out on Bowen Lake in Glacier National Park. It was fabulous. We started out on the most pristine water I have ever been boating on. The water was literally like glass when we started out. But, after a while, the wind kicked up and started making some pretty good waves. We got a little wet, but that was ok. Kinnerly likes boating, she didn't hardly complain at all. She liked that the boat rocked back and forth, I think. She slept most of the time. Well, she probably slept most of the time too because she was only 6 weeks old and that is pretty much what they do anyway.

While we were in Montana we saw lots of friends, went to a waterpark where Brannan rode down the waterslides all on his own! He was wearing a life jacket, but he loved it! I had a lot of fun too! I have always wanted to go to that little waterpark that we always pass when we go to GNP, and finally got to do it.

We ate lots of yummy food - all the local produce wasn't in yet because they had a really late frost so everything is kindof lagging up there, but we ate lots of lettuce and some snap peas out of the garden.

Since we have been back, Brannan has started going to preschool for two mornings a week. It is a nice break for me. I think maybe we should "up it" and go full days. Currently he only goes from 7-12, but at least he gets to play with different kids and get a feel of what "school" is going to be like. The time I have with just me and the baby goes by so dang fast, I mean, just two mornings a week to myself! Oh well, it is a start and I know when these kiddos start going to school full time I am going to miss these days. Today was only day 2 of going to school and I think he really likes it, but I have heard that he tells the teacher that he really misses his mom and his dad and his sister a lot. Awww, that is so dang cute! But, I know in the end he will really like this.

Our September is so packed full of stuff, it is kindof exciting. With Brannan going to school two days a week, then this Labor Day weekend we are going camping. Next weekend is Brannan's 3rd birthday party (oh my gosh, I really need to figure out a menu!) and the weekend after that we are going to go up to my parents cabin. Then, I really really want to go boating on my new boat. So, that will be the fourth weekend of September. That's crazy! And sprinkle in some babysitting and some dentist appointments and some doctor's appointments, it looks like September will fly by!

Kinny is doing so well. She had her big round of shots last week and she had a little reaction to them. She got some bumps on her legs but now they have gone away and I think that I may have overreacted a little bit. She is a snacker like me and drinks 2 oz every couple of hours and still sleeps a ton! Last night she slept from 8-5:30! Sweet! Sweet baby sweet baby! I love her to pieces!

I can't wait to go back to the gym though. I feel so disgustingly fat. I can't even believe what the scale is telling me too! I only lost like 10lbs having Kiki. WTH? And this week, I went up like 4lbs! Unbelievable! Kiki can't go to the little gym daycare until she is 3 months old though. I really need to get my ass in shape. Ugh. And, staying home all day doesn't help, what with the alcohol and the snacks tempting me all the time.

So, that's about it for now. Off to cut up salad for dinner.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Five weeks

Well, little girl - you are five weeks old today. You have developed a schedule. You like to wake me up at 5:30 and get me out of bed. Well, that is ok since you don't really cry, you just kindof grunt and make all these moaning noises. Somehow it wakes me up out of a dead sleep and I know you need me. And we have a little bit of time together until your brother wakes up. He has been getting up early too. I think it is because it is summertime and you both know that we don't have much to do around town. It is torture leaving you all in the house all the time, but on the other hand it is just too hot to go out and do anything. But, we will be leaving for Montana on Saturday. I can't wait. Your brother will be very happy to hang out with his cousins and play all day long. It will be interesting to see how it all comes down now that he is older. I just read a beautiful post about how a new Mom was saying how she didn't know if she could love a boy as much as she did the girls. I cried. I mean, literally bawled after reading it. I honestly felt the same way about having a girl. I am so scared to deal with her boyfriends, her period, her body issues, her insecurities - all these things that I have to deal with. It just seems so much easier to be a boy. I mean, I'm not one mind you. But boys - they just don't care about a lot of stuff. There are things that I agonize over that the average boy really doesn't care about. How I look in a shirt, how last year's jeans don't fit, how I hate my boobs. Gah! I just feel bad bringing a girl into the world that has to deal with all this stuff. But, it will be good. I'm keeping an open heart for it. I know she will be confident and self-secure and beautiful and worldly and wonderful.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Three weeks

So, now the weeks just fly by.

When I was pregnant with you, the days seemed to drag on and on.

I feel really bad for a friend who is overdue today. She was due on the 30th and it is already the 8th! They will induce her in two more days if nothing happens. I'm sure she will be induced.

Anyway, things have been going great with you, little smooshie. I've been toying around with nicknames and haven't really come up with anything great yet. Smooshie sounds good, no?
You have been sleeping a lot lately. Like, through the night and through the day. But, there are times when you are awake, which is great, and those times are usually during the day which is even better. You never cry unless we are out and about and I can't reach you in your carseat.

But, we took you and your brother up north to Payson for the 4th of July. It was super fun. I think you had a great time. Your brother and I and your Daddy certainly did!

Here we are in the park. We got there a little after noon and got the most awesomest parking spot and cumped all of our stuff out right in the park and had the greatest view of the fireworks. It was a pretty long day for everyone because we had to drive back home afterward, but it was so worth it. Your Daddy had to get out of town - he was getting a little cranky, so I suggested we head up there.

He liked napping with you in the park too.

And, now you are already three weeks old and counting. It is going by so fast!

We are looking forward to going up to Montana soon to see family. I can't wait to get out of this heat and out of this house!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two weeks

You are two weeks old today!

You lost your little umbilical cord button two days ago. I saved it for Daddy to see, but it fell out of your carseat when we went out to dinner. Oh well. It was pretty gross anyway.

You have been opening your eyes a lot more lately and are inclined to stay awake for more than five minutes at a time now.

However, you are still a wonderfull sleeper at night and I thank you very much for that.

You are awake right now and want some food though, so I better go get you.

Monday, June 28, 2010

You are here!

And, you are a girl!

7 pounds, 8 ounces
19" long

Healthy and happy!

And, you don't cry at all! You are such a good little girl and I am very proud to be your Mom. Everyone told me that you were going to be a girl, and they were right. I guess I sort of figured it too since you were so different than Brannan's pregnancy. You just hit me with sickness straight off the bat and didn't let up - almost all the way to the end - just spurts here and there, but at the end there were some days of sickness.

Anyway, we should start at the beginning!

You were born on June 16th at 2:25pm.

You were due to be born on the 12th, but went a little later. I asked the OB if you could be induced because you were a couple of days past your due date and she said it would be ok. So, we scheduled you for a Wednesday.

I was really quite nervous, but very excited to see you. I packed my bag the night before and got up really early in the morning, at about 4:15 - took a shower, packed all my last minute items and drove myself (and you) to the hospital. I decided that Daddy should stay at home with Brannan and let him sleep a little while since I was going to get all hooked up and checked and changed in the morning. That wasn't something that your big brother needed to be there for.

Anyway, I got all changed and hooked up to pitocin and started emailing and talking on the computer. It was really just to pass time. And, it did pass some time. Finally, Daddy and your big brother showed up around 9ish - right after I got my blessed epidural. I was starting to feel cramps so I opted for the epidural. It was super easy and didn't hurt nearly as bad as the IV they put into my arm. Then, I couldn't feel my legs and I didn't have to get up to go pee all the time! It was awesome!

So, your brother watched quite a few movies while the minutes ticked by. Your Daddy was working from his computer and I was chit chatting to others on my computer. I got checked periodically and around 2:00 Daddy decided to take your brother out for a little walk.

The nurse decided to come in to check me after you guys left and she said, "Oh, ok, you are at 10cm now." all nonchalantly like that, and I was thinking "WHAT???@!!!??" And right then your Daddy texted me and he said "how are you doing?" and I dropped my phone because I was so nervous as they were putting me up in stirrups and then I managed to bend over and grab my phone and texted him back and said "IT's GO TIME!"

So, he and your brother hussled back into my room, everyone got set up, the doctor was called (she happened to go home for lunch) and we just waited on her. I was up in stirrups for quite some time waiting for her to arrive at the hospital.

Anyway, she finally got there (wearing white capri's nonetheless), got dressed and about 2:20 the nurse said, ok, don't push, just kindof cough and you can probably have this baby, so I rounded my back, gave a little push, and your head literally popped right out. Dr. Hunt was so stunned she had the funniest look on her face and she said "ok, ok, don't push, don't push" and I said "I'm not doint anything at all, I can't help it" because really, I couldn't help it because of the epidural and whatnot. And, then the rest of you popped right out. It was pretty amazing. Then they laid you on my stomach and I had to ask what sex you were because no one said anything, and finally someone lifted your little leg up and told me that you were a girl.

And that was that.

Now you are here and you are a wonderful baby and I can't wait to get to know you even better.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Well - two.

Only two days until you are due to arrive. Although, you will probably not arrive on Saturday, as has been predicted.

I don't feel any different - at least today I don't.

We went and saw the doctor on Tuesday, but she said I wasn't "squishy" enough to induce. So, I thought we were going to have you here this weekend, but it seems like you want to spend some more time in there. I was really bummed at first, but then I told myself that you need some more time in there, so I don't mind too much. And, I have been sleeping a little better the past couple of nights, so it hasn't been terribly bad. Oh, and we have been preoccupying ourselves with finding a boat that we can hang out on, so that makes things a lot more fun. And, I have been thinking a lot about vacations, too, so that takes up some time.

It has been so hot here lately that we have been spending a lot of the time in the pool. Your big brother has the cutest tan. He has the whitest little butt and is tan everywhere else. He is also getting really good at swimming. I think in a month or so he will be able to swim all on his own without us having to worry about him so much. I mean, we will still worry, but it won't be so bad. He hasn't put on his life jacket in a week or so, and we just let him swim around and around. He can actually keep his little nose and mouth above the water now (his ears and head are still sunk, but he can do it!). He jumps off of the diving board and the edge of the pool and can swim clear to the other side and grab the edge of the pool and get himself out. He has grown so much.

But, today we are doing a little babysitting and your brother is on movie #2 for the day. During movie #1 he was pretty active, playing with trains and cars, but this movie has him watching pretty intently because he hasn't seen this one for a while, so now he is just standing at the coffee table watching the movie.

Anyway, other than swimming and movies, nothing too exciting is going on here. We have been tooling around town looking at boats and are going to look at another one this afternoon. I really would like to have a boat but am nervous about bringing a newborn out there. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

So, little one, I am still very excited to meet you and hope you come to hang out with us soon!


Sunday, June 6, 2010




Gah! I remember when I was typing 222! It seems like this has taken so long, yet it has been so fast. These last couple of weeks though have been really really long. I am just so anxious to meet this little baby and to find out if it is a boy or if it is a girl. And, I want to make sure the little bean is healthy and happy. I know that this baby will be sleeping good through the night as you already do little one. You sleep when I sleep. There were only a handful of times when you kept me awake at night stretching and swishing around. But, lately, you have been so quiet. I think you have run out of room in there so you have been pretty quiet.

Anyway, I have also been having conflicting feelings about the big boy too. I feel so bad that pretty soon I am going to have to divide my attention between him and you, little bean. I hope that he doesn't get upset with me. But, I think he is still pretty young and should adapt quickly. I just want him to be happy and I love him so much, it is often hard to think that I will have so much love for another child. I hope that it is in me! I know that people say it all the time, that it is a no-brainer, that having another one is easy as pie and you will summon that love out of somewhere. But, where? Oh, I know it will be good and easy, but I am worried.

So, we went to the doctor on Thursday. She checked me and said bluntly, "see you next week." I said, "really?" In a surprised/bummed way.
I said, "but my next appointment isn't until Thursday which will leave me 2 days from 40 weeks."
She said, "ok, then, come in on Tuesday and we will discuss induction."
I was walking on air.
I think that we will have you before next weekend, little one.
And, that brings us back, full circle, to the big boy.
All weekend, I have been thinking that "this is going to be the last whole weekend where it is just the 3 of us. Swimming in the pool together, going places together, putting him down for his nap, having dinner together."
Soon, I'll probably be feeding the baby while Daddy and big boy eat dinner, or some variation of that.

I'm just so scared. But, I guess it is inevitable.

It is going to happen in less than 6 days I think!

I can't wait to meet you little one!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Well, little one - you had me scared last night. You had me calling the doctor and going into the hospital!

I started feeling contractions about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. Your Daddy came home and I told him that I was feeling contractions and all he said was "Is that your way of saying you don't want to go camping this weekend?" (insert sarcastic ha ha here).

Not really.

But, I brushed it off as Braxton Hicks contractions and went about doing what I was doing. But, then, around 5:00 I started feeling this horrible lower back pain. I was reading online that if you start to feel these feelings you should contact your doctor. So, I hmmmd and hawed over it but decided to call the doctor. She suggested that I go into the hospital to get checked and have you monitored. So, I did. I packed up my little overnight bag in anticipation of staying and having you at the hospital, but they didn't think I was ready yet and said that I was just experiencing normal aches and pains of pregnancy. Now, don't think that I am a complainer, because I really don't like to complain, but it was really hurting and I really was having serious contractions. I only went to the hospital one other time for pain and that was when I had diverticulitis. I think if I would've waited any longer that time, I would've had a torn intestine and I probably would've had to have had surgery. Luckily, it was caught just in time.

Anyway, back to you!

So, after being checked and monitored, they sent me home and I got home about 10pm to a quiet house. No one stayed up to see if I was ok.

But, I guess at least the porch light was left on for me.

Well, today is a new day and everything seems better. I had lots of crazy dreams about you last night, giving birth to you, having you, but you know what, you never revealed to me if you were a boy or a girl. Isn't that crazy? At least, not that I can remember now.

I still don't know what to do about this upcoming holiday weekend, but hopefully something will come up.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I'm not ready.

But, I am ready.

I am currently sitting on the couch, in front of the fan, listening to a quiet house that has two sleeping kids and a sleeping dog in it, experiencing contractions. My water hasn't broke yet, I think it is just Braxton Hicks contractions, but man, this hour has been full of them. Plus, they have been pretty frequent and are long in duration. It is right across my midsection too.

I wonder if you are going to come a little early, little baby. Probably not - I think I'm just getting ready. Plus, there is a whole 18 days left to go. That is almost half a month. But, I guess we will see.

I'm making banana bread so the house smells good too.

Oh, and on a positive note - this "spring" has been so excellent for us. Not hot at all. And, we had an awesome cold front come through this past weekend that really cooled things off. Two days of having the doors and windows open all day this late in May is pretty unheard of. I am so thankful though that it hasn't been hot. Being pregnant and hot isn't too much fun. Luckily there is only 18 (more or less) days left. Then I can cool off with a nice cocktail. Ha ha!

I feel like your bedroom is almost finished. I just need to get some shelves for your wall. I feel bad that you don't have a closet, but I guess that is ok - Brannan never really used his closet until this past year anyway, and doesn't really use it - I mainly use it to hang his stuff up. You both could probably use the same closet, but I'll see what I can do with some shelving on your walls. I'm sorry you are going to have to look at a gun safe and a computer desk and an extra queen bed - but I'm sure we will have lots of fun hanging out on the bed together. Probably not too much fun with the gun safe (although your father will probably disagree) or the computer, but hey, we have to put them somewhere. Our house is pretty small, like really small, but yanno what? It is a lot better than what a lot of other people have. We have a pool and our own house and our own yard and we can paint the walls whatever color we want and we can destroy our walls with pictures and stickers and not have to worry about it. And, at least you have your own room! You don't have to share it with your brother.


Hee hee.

I bet you will want to share it with your brother when you get a little older. There is a pretty cool bunk bed setup in there. You just wait and see.

Friday, May 21, 2010


So, we need something to do over Memorial Day weekend.

Byron has a 4-day weekend and I really, really do not want to go camping. I mean, I do want to go camping, but the idea of getting up and out of the tent 6 times in one night really isn't appealing to me at all. It just kinda sucks thinking about it actually. But, maybe we will just go to get out of town.

But, my other plan right now is to buy a boat. A pontoon boat specifically.

I have one on the radar from Craig's List. I have emailed the person twice already.

Let's see if it comes through for us.

I hope so! I have always wanted a pontoon boat! It looks big, but not that expensive. I bet it is a scam. But, I hope not.

Well, we are going to go get out of the house for a bit now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Yeeee haw!

We are almost there little one!

You have been being such a good little baby in there, I'm going to be sad to see you out of there, although you are making me a little tired. Oh, and I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again. I really do like to sleep like that, on my stomach, but right now I have to sleep on my sides, but yanno, that is a-ok with me if it is good for you! You have been making my hips hurt a little too, but I know that will go away. I know I will be sad in like a year when I will want to be pregnant again so I'll have to remember these times. That is precisely why I am writing this now!

Anyway, 25 more days. They seem to be flying by.

I have most of your room prepared. I just need to find places for most of your clothes. Oh, and we need to find a name for you too. Maybe I'll talk to your daddy tonight about names. I have a big list of names that I like so I'll show him that list tonight while we are eating some dinner. Oh, and dinner - you have been making me not like dinner too much these days either. See, about a month ago, I was a voracious eater. Now, I really could take it or leave it. Breakfast is good - but usually consists of cereal or something sweet. Lunch, eh, that's getting on the iffy side too. I used to start planning lunch at about 10:00, but now, it is kinda like whatever is in the fridge. I feel bad too because I see the boys standing at the fridge, looking blankly at it, like there is nothing good in there to eat. And, since I do all of the grocery shopping, it is my fault that there isn't anything good in there. The only thing I get excited about at the grocery store these days are good deals on diapers! And, boy baby, let me tell you about this deal I found last week!

So, I am going shopping by myself on Friday because it was "boys day out" and they went to lunch and did their own stuff. So, I go into the local grocery store, head straight for the clearance section and a light shines down from above and I hear a chorus of "aaaaaahhhhhhhh" and see glitter in the air as I look straight at the shopping cart FULL of size 3, 4 and 5 Pampers that are on clearance! Holy cow! I had to text your daddy and tell him the good news. I almost just took the whole dang cart because $9 packages of diapers were marked down to only $3 each! It was so awesome - and I had a ton of coupons for $1 and $2 more off of the packages. It was so sweet. I got literally over $100 worth of diapers for only $11. It was the most beautiful score ever. I have been waiting so long for these dang diapers to go on sale and finally they were there, just at the right day and time. Two other moms came quickly behind me and started grabbing at packages too, so I had to be a little aggressive, but I got a lot of them and now I am regretting not getting more.

Anyway, so that is pretty much the only thing I get excited about at the grocery store these days. Food isn't too much of a friend like it used to be. But, NAPS are!

I heart naps.

Seriously. I can't wait until 1 or 2 in the afternoon - it is my most favorite time. Well, only if I can get the kids asleep too.

Well, I just wanted to check in with you and tell you that I'm really looking forward to seeing you and meeting you and making sure you are happy and healthy. I know you will be, I just want to see for myself. We have another appointment on Monday - this time they will start to check me internally to see if you are getting ready to come out. I'm suspecting you aren't yet, but we will check just to make sure.

So, it is that magic hour in the afternoon - 2:00 and both kids are in their rooms (J and B).

Thursday, May 6, 2010


The boy woke up so early today. 6am. Ugh. I think it is because the sun is getting him up earlier and earlier. Even though we have a duvet cover over his window, he still wakes up. And, I went to bed at 8 last night hoping to fall asleep, but got sucked into watching something dumb on TV. So, I finally turned off the TV at about 9:15 and woke up about 9:40 woke up super sick and had to vomit. Ick. Then I was up from 3-4 and was in a good sleep when I heard the boy wake up. Oh, and my hips were hurting too. Ugh, I don't mean to complain so much, but I think this will be the last time I can complain about being pregnant since my husband doesn't want to have any more children (boo hoo).

Anyway, the boy was complaining that he couldn't find something this morning so I went into his room and said we would find it later and he just needed to lay down for a few more minutes. Then he said something that just crushed me. He said "Ok, Mom. You are my best friend."

Oh be still my beating heart!!!!!!

I said "you are my best friend too, buddy, I love you" and walked out of his room back into my bed in hopes of catching a few more zzzz's but I couldn't stop thinking about what he said. He is just too damn sweet, I tell you.

I know when he is like 7 or 8 or 9 I won't be hearing this, and I hope he still loves me when he is 16, 17 and 18. These days are just so precious and I love every single thing he says. I want him to remember how he feels about me when he turns into a teenager.

I only wish.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I am so tired today.

I can't even think of anything good to say.

It is getting hot here. It isn't in the 100's yet, but that is just around the corner I'm afraid. I have pulled out the sun dresses and have been putting away all the pants. No need for them anymore. Especially maternity pants! Although I did keep a couple out just in case I need them for something.

I think I finally have the baby's room all settled. All except for the clothes. I started going through them today. I have a gigantic bucket full of them from Brannan. It is amazing how many clothes I have kept!

Well, if we have a little girl, I think she might be wearing quite a few little boy clothes!

Monday, April 26, 2010


He can sing his ABC's now. It is too cute. He skips over a lot of the middle part - mostly because he has a hard time pronouncing the letters separately, but that's ok. I'll let him keep singing.

I am trying to teach him how to write. He is getting more interested in drawing and coloring, so I'm trying to have that more easily accesible.

He remember so much! He remembers one conversation I had with him regarding naps. I told him that he needs to go to bed so he can get all his energy back so he can play again, and he repeats that to me all the time. It is too funny.

This weekend we didn't do much of anything - once again. But, that was ok with me. We moved a lot of stuff around.

We finally got the "big boy bed" and installed it. His room looks great! I kindof envy it! He has all matching furniture and room for clothes in his drawers and a bookshelf that is mostly empty. It is pretty sweet! New sheets and a new bed. He hasn't gotten out of his bed at all at night which is wonderful. I was so worried that he was going to get in and out of bed all night but he hasn't. He is such a great and wonderful boy. He listens pretty much all of the time and I couldn't ask for a better child.

I just hope that the second one is just as good. :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I am bummed today.

Well, bummed and excited.

We are trying to buy a bunk bed set on Craig's List. We still don't have an answer from the sellers but I am really hoping that they will sell it to us. I'm sure they will.

But, I am bummed because soon we are going to be moving our Big Boy out of his crib and into a big boy bed! :(


He really likes his crib. He doesn't get out of it, although he can if he wanted to. He always asks if he can get out before he climbs out and I even tell him he can get out but he doesn't.

I am just sad because this is such a big milestone. He is transitioning from his crib to a bed. I mean, I knew it was going to come sooner or later, but now with the baby only 53 days away, we have to do something for the new baby. I guess we could've kept him in his crib and used a pack and play for the baby, but yanno, we are going to have to do it at some point anyway.

Just another step in his growing up.


Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend was a blur and pretty nice. Although yesterday was pretty warm, temperature wise.

Friday I had a nice "girl day" out. I went and got my toes done and right after that had a facial. It was really nice. I wish I could've had a massage, but it just isn't nice right now being pregnant. I mean, a prenatal massage is pretty nice, but I want to lay on my stomach and just have the tar massaged out of my back. That is the best part - when you put your head in the donut and you just sort of drift around in consciousness and not really think about anything too deep. Anyway, soon enough, I will be able to get a regular massage. I can't wait! Although, I will be really sad when I am not pregnant anymore. I am not sure how I feel about this one being the last baby. It is so much fun being pregnant, but Byron has made it abundantly clear that he does not want any more children. I may be able to persuade though, wink wink.

Well, then on Saturday we went to a company picnic. It was nice. This company goes all out for their employees, I must say. It was really nicely catered (as well as a picnic could be catered) with tons of food and they even had beer! They had 3 bounce houses and face painting and balloon sculptors and volleyball. We mainly just sat at the picnic table though and watched Squeakers jump in the bounce houses. He had a blast playing with the other kids. It was fun to watch. And, admittedly, I don't feel much like moving around these days. I am so doggone tired from being pregnant it is unbelievable! If I remember correctly, I had a lot of energy with the first pregnancy, but this one is totally wearing me down. My feet hurt at the end of the day and I really just feel like sitting on the couch and watching TV. I feel rather guilty though when my husband is chasing after the boy and doing stuff with him, but then again I feel like it keeps him busy and he likes to do that sort of stuff.

After the picnic we came home for some nap time and then we had dinner with our friends. It was good to have them over for dinner, we haven't done that in a while - probably because I haven't felt much like cooking lately.

Sunday we went to the movies to see "Dragon." It was cute and a good morning activity, but, man, are movie tickets getting expensive or what??? It was crazy! $14 for just my husband and I to go to a matinee! Oh well, I guess we don't go out too much so we can spend that on a movie. But, crap, I figured we could've bought the movie in a few months for that much money.

Then, the rest of the day was pretty lazy. More napping and sitting on the couch for me while the husband did stuff around the house.

He found a pretty awesome kids bedroom set on Craig's list that I really want to get. They want $550 for it. I can justify that much. I think if it isn't sold tomorrow, I will email them and see if they will take $525. I hope so. I really want this whole transition to go smoothly. But then what are we going to do with the queen bed? Oh gosh, I have no idea! Why is our house so small???!!

But, then I think about it and think that we are really lucky to even have a house these days.

Yes, yes - positive thoughts!

Plus, there are little birds out there saying we could have the chance to move to France or even to VA for a few months. How cool would that be? I would take either or, but VA might be easier. Plus, it would be for just a few months.

All in due time...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The days, they are a-tickin!

Only 58 days to go!

Brannan has the most adorable thing he does lately. It goes like this:

B: Guess what????

Me: What?

B: I LOVE YOU!!!! (but it sounds like I loe you because he doesn't really say V's yet)

It is the most precious thing in the whole world and it melts my heart when he says it. I could be in the worst mood or frustrated with something and he will bust out with this little diatribe. It is so funny and it makes me laugh.

Oh, and also he has learned how to make farting noises with his black bath duck while in the tub. It is hilarious. Whenever I laugh he asks "I make you laugh mommy?"

Yes, little man, you do make me laugh, you do.

Monday, April 12, 2010


We have been recovering from last weekend. The whole event was rough, and it feels like there is something missing from the house. I haven't had the guts to move her bed outside so the other dog can lay on it out there, and whenever I walk down the hall into the other room, I see the bed there - empty. She always laid on that bed. I tried to keep her on that bed because she was starting to get a little incontinent and I didn't want her on the rugs or on the couches (not that she could jump up on the couches anyway.) But, the bed is empty every day and every night it stays there. I have only seen the other dog lay down on it twice since she has been gone. It is just a constant reminder that she is gone. I know she is gone and I think I have accepted it, but she was with me for 14 years! That is such a long time! She was one of my children. She was my first child. I had to make arrangements for her, I had to sometimes pass on things because I couldn't bring her with me, I had to make sure she was fed and watered and cared for all of the time. I always think that dogs are sort of a precursor to children. Whenever I see couples with dogs, you know that the next step will be the kids.

I was telling one of my friends that even though you know that you will outlive your dog, it is just so hard to prepare for it and to live through it. I mean, 14 years - that is a pretty long time to live with another living being.

I also feel sad for the other dog. It seems like she is more quiet since Leia has been gone. I don't know how to explain it - I mean, I guess she has always been quiet, and she does the growling and the barking at random things outside, but somehow, someway, she seems more quiet around the house. It is hard to explain.

I have been giving her a lot of "inside" time this past week too. Normally, I would keep the dogs outside most of the day because it is so nice out there, but I have been letting the other dog in a lot so she can hang out with me during the day.

The only thing I am glad about is that Leia didn't have to survive another summer here. They were really rough on her as she got older. She was always hot and it was getting harder and harder for her to get in and out of the pool. Hopefully she is romping around in the pine trees with the other doggies that she knew in her long life.

In other news - had another doctor's apppointment last week. Nothing special - just the quickie checking the heart rate and measuring my belly. We were in and out in a quick minute. They said everything is fine. I only gained 1 pound since the last two week appointment. YAY! Next week we have another ultrasound. I'm looking forward to it. I always love the ultrasounds. I think this one might be the last ultrasound before the big day. I'll be 32 weeks and after that, I think we start going once a week for standard appointments.

But, the baby has been moving a TON lately! I mean, like really really big swishes and flips and punches and kicks. Sometimes it seems like my whole body shakes from a kick or a punch. It is pretty neat to know that there is a little growing baby in there doing its thing.

Finally, the only other thing on my mind right now is getting the baby's room in order. We need to do a LOT of work. Ugh. More on that later. I should take some before and after photos. I think I'll do that.

I can't believe only 61 days left. Gosh, I remember when it was 222 and it seemed sooooo far away. 61 days - that is only 2 months. 8 weeks! (about). Oh, little one, you are going to be here before we know it!

Monday, April 5, 2010


It was a very rough weekend.

This past weekend we had to say goodbye to the best dog ever - my dog - my Leia dog.

We had gone out on Friday night to "movies in the park" at the local park. It was a ton of fun and Brannan had a good time watching Coraline the movie. We sang along to songs on the radio on the way home. We got home a little late, about 9ish, and Byron was tending to dragging everything into the house and I went straight for the door to let the dogs in.

The dogs came crashing in, as they always do, so so so happy to see us, ran past me and straight to Byron. He was standing in the living room right where the tile meets the hardwood. The dogs all crashed into him and Leia's back legs gave out as she slipped on the tile and she cried like never before. I started to scream and Byron kinda looked all around underneath him and just grabbed Leia and held her chest so she was hovering over the ground. She was still screaming and yelping her little doggie yelp like it hurt so much. I knew it hurt so much. I knew something bad had happened to her. I didn't want to face it, but I knew.

He laid her on her side on her bed that is right here in the kitchen. She started to shake in pain. I petted her and she wouldn't look me in the eye. We looked at her leg and it was all kindof tucked up next to her. She wouldn't stand up. We laid her there and just looked at her, not knowing what to do. I knew we had to do something, but it was already so late at night. I knew we were going to have to wait until morning. We gave her an asprin and started to get the baby ready for bed.

I felt so terrible and I knew she was in terrible pain. I kneeled down next to her on her round bed and petted her and cried. I knew it wasn't going to be good.

I busted into the baby's room and said we need to get her to the animal hospital and I can't lift her into the car myself. He curtly said to me "can I just get him into bed first?" At that point I knew he wasn't going to let me take her to the hospital.

We left her there for another half hour, her shaking stopped but her panting started. I know that is one way for dogs to deal with pain, they start panting. I tried to give her water, but she didn't want it. We decided we couldn't do anything that night so we would have to wait until morning. I went to the bathroom and cried some more and tried to get ready for bed.

I got really sick that night, woke up almost every hour to check on her and to throw up. At one point there wasn't anything left in my stomach to throw up. I checked on her again to make sure she was still breathing.

8 A.M. couldn't come soon enough.

We got out of bed about 6:30 and tried to take her out so she could go to the bathroom. She couldn't stand on her back legs at all. Byron tried to get her to squat a little to go, but she wouldn't. We put her bed outside so she could enjoy the cool morning air. The last cool morning air she would ever breathe in. That was her most favorite time of day. The cool mornings. She loved to sleep out on the patio and enjoy that quiet morning. She just plain liked the cold air - anywhere. She is like me, likes the cool and not the heat. I am so sad she is gone. I am so sad that she never licked me again. I would put my hand in front of her nose and every time I have ever done that in her life, she would give me slow, long licks on my hand. She wouldn't lick me after she got hurt.

So, I had some cereal at 7, watching the clock and knowing I needed to tend to the baby in my bellly - I was nauseous from not eating and throwing up all night and not sleeping. 7:45 finally came and I gently hinted that "daddy better get ready to go take Leia to the doggie doctor," talking to Brannan but really trying to get him to get her to the hospital.

We put her in the car - we left her on the bed and we both just carried the bed and the dog all together and set her in the back. Byron quickly went inside - I knew he was getting choked up. I sat there and petted her while Brannan asked question after question. "Why is Leia Leia Leia (what he calls her) in the car? Why is she going to the doggie doctor? Can I go to the doggie doctor? I want to go with Daddy." I just stood there and cried and petted her and said I was sorry. I knew I wouldn't see her again.

The next 3 hours passed with phone calls and decisions. X-rays and tears.

They found that she had dislocated her leg to the point where her joint was up by her spine. Her other leg had a fracture. There was a lot of arthritis. There wasn't anything that could've been done.

Byron had to stay with her those last moments. I haven't had the guts to ask him about it yet. I'm not ready to know.

I want to remember her in her glory. Running in the snow in Alaska, playing with the other dogs in Montana, riding in the back of Byron's Toyota through a hail storm in Oklahoma. Taking road trips to New Hampshire. Driving the Al-Can with me. Going on a road trip to Cabo San Lucas. Living in the car with me. Crying and laughing and dealing with all those grown-up things that I had to deal with over the past 14 years.

I got her in Flagstaff, moved with her to Utah and then to Alaska. She flew from Alaska back to Arizona, impressing all of the cargo workers at the airport as they let her out of her cage to run around before Byron picked her up. I didn't have any other contacts in Arizona besides my parents and didn't want to bother them to have to pick her up so I asked if Byron could be a contact - they called him first. Leia always loved him the best. She would always be at the front of the hiking trail with him. She wanted to ride with him, she wanted to be around him.

There are so many stories with Leia in them. She went everywhere with me. The only reason she wouldn't be without me is if I was going on a plane or a cruise - places that forbid dogs. Otherwise, she was with me. With us.

I remember when I first got Leia. I was living in Flagstaff. I called my parents to tell them the good news. My Dad said "what are you going to do with a dog?"

It turns out - absolutely EVERYTHING!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


You know when you are a Mom when you are in the parking lot and you look for a parking spot next to an empty grocery cart instead of a parking spot closest to the entrance.

Going to the grocery store today was funny. I let the big boy do his "own walking" and had the little one I occasionally watch in the cart. She was doing just fine talking and smiling and watching things go by. The big boy wanted to push the cart (from the front and walking backwards), so he actually wanted to pull the cart, through the grocery store. He was a pretty big help and I really only needed a few things anyway (but ended up with half a cart full of stuff), but when I started zigging and zagging, he followed, but I got frustrated because it was going so slow. I finally got him to pull facing forward so he didn't have to worry about running into things and we got around a little quicker.

We checked out, went out to lunch, got pooped on by a pigeon, dropped my water bottle in some stagnant fusty water and got home.

After I unloaded all the groceryies, I noticed a huge pack of Always pads on the counter. I was like "wth? where did these come from?" Well, I guess big boy wanted me to buy them so he put them in the cart for me.

Um, yeah, no.

Now we have to go back and return them. No biggie, just funny that I never saw them in the cart or in the checkout line as we paid for everything. It totally snuck right by me.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Ok, so it is getting really close. 82 days!

Today I had another ultrasound. You looked great and you are growing steadily. At the last ultrasound (one month ago) they said you were only in the 9th percentile. Today you are in the 22nd percentile! Yay baby! Grow baby grow!

I was supposed to take the glucose test today too, but I guess the leftover chorizo burrito would skew my numbers too much so I will have to go back later this week to do the test. Bummer, especially since we had a babysitter for your big brother.

Pappy has been doing an awesome job of babysitting your big brother. He even changed a poopy diaper today with one arm in a sling. I have no idea how he did it, but he said he managed it. Wow, thanks Pappy!

Right now your big brother is taking all of his crayons out of his bin and spreading them all over the kitchen counter. We went out to lunch today after our appointment - I was hoping to get one of my favorite items of all, the salmon salad at Pasta Pomodoro, but alas, they were out of salmon! Dang them! So, I had to have the chicken salad instead. It was pretty good and man did it fill me up like the dickens. I am still not hungry. I think that will be my one meal for the day. Although I think you might like a milkshake later on for dessert.

You were so cute on the ultrasound today, but you kept your little arms in front of your face so the tech couldn't get a proper picture of you - but I saw your cute little nose and your little lips and your chin - you look so much like your big brother it is amazing. I know you will come out looking just like him and being the cutest thing on the planet.

Only 82 days left in there little one - make the most of it!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Oh wow!

So sorry it has been so long since I posted!

I really wanted to mark the 100th day because it was such a milestone, but dang, here we are 5 days later and only 95 days left of this pregnancy.

My husband keeps saying that this pregnancy will be the last one. That makes me a little sad.

I wish we had a bigger house so we could have more kids - and I wish that money wasn't such an issue too - kids can be expensive! I wish, I wish, I wish. But, anyway, he keeps saying that this will be the last one but I'm not so sure. Maybe, just maybe, I can convince him into having another one. Although I am getting up into the "advanced maternal age" thing. Ha ha! That is something to laugh at! I sure don't feel "advanced!" Well, the point is is that I really would like to have just one more kid. Actually, I'd like to have two more to make a 6-pack! Ha! I don't think I have enough time left on my maternal clock though...

But, baby - I have been feeling you twist and turn and kick around a TON lately! It is so fun to feel you and to wonder what you are going to be like. You have been spinning and flipping like there is no tomorrow. Although, the one complaint I do have is that you have been making me sick - A LOT! I have yet another cold - and, at least it isn't nausea, I have been sick so many times this pregnancy, it is strange. When I am not pregnant, I am usually really healthy. I never get sick with a cold - only once a year, but man, this year I am feeling you! Brannan has been sick too and whenever he gets sick, he gives it to me. At least this one is on its way out.

Finally, just a little bitching - so, I have been reading a lot of blogs lately, and it seems that EVERYONE is putting up a stupid "donate" button on their blog for the dumbest things like going to BlogHer or buying crap for themselves. I mean, I understand asking for money for families that have cancer and need help, but, sheesh, c'mon - if you can't afford to go to a stupid conference, just deal with it! And, if you can't afford to buy crap for yourself, deal with it or put it on a credit card! Ugh! It is just so ridiculous the amount of begging that is going on these days...

Thursday, February 18, 2010


The time is getting closer. It is amazing how fast the time goes. This Saturday I will be 6months pregnant. I can't believe it. I remember last year, all those times when I would wait and wait for the right time to take a pregnancy test hoping that it would be positive! I can't believe that it is already half over - this pregnancy. It is more than half over! Wow. Only 114 days left. And tomorrow, we have another ultrasound. I think that my due date may be pushed further back though because they said that at my last ultrasound a month ago, the baby was measuring a little smaller than I think it should have. I'm excited to see what they say tomorrow.

I'm babysitting a friend of the family right now. She is about 6 months old. It is awesome to watch her develop. When I first started babysitting her a few weeks ago she could barely sit up on her own. Now, all she wants to do is sit up! I'm watching her right now chew on a toy and sitting there in the front room without a care in the world - especially one that could make her fall over. She is such a professional at it! And, to think, in 9 more months, I will probably be witnessing this with our child.

We don't know if it is a boy or a girl. I will be happy with either one, and as everyone says "as long as it is happy and healthy." Although, I am kindof secretly hoping for a boy because I really like boys. At least at this stage. I don't know if I can handle all the princess-y crap that little girls are so into these days. And so much PINK! I mean, c'mon! Do we really have to buy everything pink for little girls? I admit, I am coming around to the thought of more pink, and even have incorporated it a little into my wardrobe (something completely unheard of a while ago), but do we really need to buy so much pink for little girls? Also, I don't want to have to deal with all that princess/Disney/dress-up stuff. I mean, SO MUCH STUFF! Not to mention some of those dress up gowns run over $50 a piece! Can you believe that? When we were at Disneyland a while ago, I was so shocked at how much those dress up costumes were. Oh well. I guess we just have to be happy with what we get.

On the other hand, we had an ultrasound last Friday and my doctor called with the results and wants yet another one this coming up month. It scares me a little, but then again it doesn't because if there was something to be worried about, I think they might have made me come in a little earlier. And, on the bright side, we get to see the baby again! I don't think I am going to bring my husband though because I think he is getting a little bored of these appointments. Plus, then I can bring the boy over to my Dad's house so he can have a little quality time with him. Should be fun.

Today is cloudy and overcast - another welcomed wintery day. And, today is one of my favorite days of the week - yoga day!

Gotta go get ready.

Monday, February 8, 2010


I swear, when that child sleeps, he is the cutest thing in the WORLD!

I just want to curl up right next to him and spoon him until he wakes up - but that would probably wake him up anyway.

I want to kiss his little face and feel his forehead and smooth out his wispy hair.

He looks like a little angel when he sleeps.

I bet everyone says that, but boy oh boy, he is so scrumptious I want to eat him up with chocolate sauce and sprinkles on top!

Anyway, yesterday was the super bowl. It wasn't too exciting. We went to a house that was soooo far out of town it was a long drive. But, the house was really nice. I wish we lived in a house that nice. I didn't get to see the upstairs, but I bet it was pretty cool. I wouldn't even mind the drive I don't think. It had a humongous backyard with a pool and two grassy areas. Sheesh - one of these days.

Brannan got sick last night too. He woke up at 1 kindof coughing and I felt him and he was pretty hot. I took a few covers off of him but he woke up at 2 saying he had "boogies" and needed to blow his nose. Byron picked him up and he started hacking and then threw up the 2 brownies he had for dinner. He was really hot too. Over 100 degrees. So, I stripped him and put him in some new jammies and we watched Shrek. We finally got to bed about 3:45 and he woke up at 7:30. He is still kinda hot today and super snotty so we are sticking close to home today. He is napping now and I need to go and take one too.

There is a pot roast in the slow cooker and it feels like winter today.

The baby is kicking and making me want ice cream.

I better do something about all this...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


Last night was a huge milestone.

Brannan pooped in the toilet!!!!

I know, I know, TMI - but I have to record this somewhere.

Honestly, I think it was a bit of an accident, but hey, at least he was on the toilet and we didn't have to toss another poopy diaper in the trash!

Daddy was getting him ready for the bath, sat him wide-legged on the toilet so he could pee and then voila! A nice little log came out!

We were running around the house shrieking for joy and offering treats and chocolates because of this huge accomplishment. We put him to bed praising his wonderful BM.

Then today, I take him to lunch, sit him down in the chair and catch a whiff of his nasty pants.


Back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Since I can't come up with titles to my posts, I figured I might as well just countdown the days until the baby is due. That way I can look back and remmeber how I was feeling so far out (or so close when the time comes).

Anyway, Byron's birthday was good. We had Meaghan come and babysit (she is great with Brannan) and we went and blew $170 at Flemings! OMG! It was all a gift card for watching some friends' dogs for two weeks, but man, I don't think I've ever spent that much money on one dinner for two people before - and I wasn't even drinking! So we were going to see a movie, but dinner ended up taking so long, we missed it and went to Monkey Pants instead. It was weird being in a bar and drinking water only. I can't imagine doing that all the time. It is probably one of the last times I will be in a bar for a while.

I found out yesterday that my unemployment benefits have run out. Man, that gave me a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach. I really, really, really don't want to go back to work. I don't know what I am going to do. I don't have any sort of career goals - I really just want to be a mom! I don't know what my husband thinks. We haven't sat down and talked about it just yet. I think we may be ok with just his income, but we need to sit down and talk it out before we make any moves. Plus, with the baby coming, it just doesn't seem right to start in on some career path. Oh, who knows. More about all that later I think.

Anyway, I have to get dinner ready. Everything is feeling good baby-wise. I haven't had hardly any nause and I have been feeling the baby moving around a lot more lately. It is getting pretty exciting being at 20 weeks. And, I got approached by a woman today asking me for pregnancy/workout advice at the gym. Pretty good for the ego, that's for sure!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Wow! The days sure are flying by lately. All of our visitors have left today. It seems like 10 days just flew by, and we didn't even get half of the projects done that we wanted to. Oh well, at least we got the flooring in and half of the countertops. One of the countertops didn't work out so well, so it will need to be redone. Fun fun.

We had an ultrasound on Tuesday.

Here you are little puddin pie...

Mommy drew some funny stuff on your face.

Daddy and I think you are a little boy - mostly because everyone else thinks you are going to be a girl. At the ultrasound, the technician looked at your privates, but we didn't! We looked at each other and giggled a little bit knowing that in 142 days you are going to show them to us and let us know who you really are.

I posted this picture out on Facebook too. Not too many people commented on it. I guess they didn't find it as funny as I did. Oh well.

Today we are having a major storm. All this week things have been rainy and windy and wet. I love it, but unfortunately we had visitors from the northlands who didn't really need to see clouds and rain. Oh well - I can't predict the weather. I made lots of food and tried to keep everyone happy. Sunday was a really tough day for me. Up early for the marathon, then cooking, then running around the marathon for 2 hours looking for people, then hosting a little party. Whew - I was dog tired! I haven't been that tired in quite some time, honestly.

So, now I am catching up on all the laundry and things are kindof back to normal. Daddy is reading a bedtime story to the big boy and then putting him to bed (in his OWN bed tonight!). Brannan has been in our room in his pack and play, but man, he is a light sleeper - AND he talks in his sleep! He was talking about ice cream last night around 2am. He just kept saying "my ice cream mommy" and I would say "shhhhhhhh, it is still night night time" and he kept saying it so finally I said "ok, brannan, now go to sleep." Too funny.

Anyway, nothing major happened while everyone was here on vacation. Just the regular stuff. Lots of visits to the zoo, the parks and a museum. We went to Disney on Ice one night and the kids really liked it, I think. It was cute to see.

I am so tired tonight I am going to bed early in my clean sheets! Nothing better than clean sheets on a tired night.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


One hundred and fifty days to go little puddin! Puddin pie! What are you up to in there? I haven't heard from you in a while. Things in there have been a little quiet. We are going to see you soon though. On tuesday we are going to see you! Daddy is going to come too.

We have visitors in town right now so the house is a big mess and kinda crowded.

We got a new wood floor in the front room today though, so things in there look really nice. I can't wait for just a little more space, though. At least we will be able to sit on the couches again.

I really don't have too much time right now, but just wanted to let you know that I'm still thinking about you and can't wait until Tuesday when we see you!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


157 days to go. It still seems like a very, very long time...

Happy 2010

Do we say "twenty ten" or is it "two thousand ten?"

Not sure.

I guess I haven't really been put to the test yet since my toddler barely cares what day of the week it is let alone what year it is.

Anywho - it is already the new year and it is starting out great. We finally got most of the house painted. Just a few touch ups here and there. We ripped out the front room carpet - I wish we weren't storing the old carpet behind the couch, but whatever, I'll just deal with it. And, we got the wood flooring here, so we are all ready for my brother in law to come and help with the handiwork. I can't wait for the new floors to be in. It will look great. Oh, and we got our countertop laminate, and I really need to go and get a new sink. I can't decide what to get - another stainless steel or should I get a black ceramic? All the other appliances in the kitchen are black, so maybe a black ceramic sink? Ugh, not sure! Maybe my sister in law can help when she comes to visit.

They will all be here on Monday. It should be fun. We are scheduled to go to Disney on Ice one night and then there is the big marathon that is really the whole reason they are coming for (as well as other family members) which should be fun. I guess I should make a big dinner for Sunday night, but I'm not sure what I should make, and if I can make enough to feed everyone. There are going to be a LOT of people here. I don't want to make any decisions. I guess that is why I have been called a pushover. I don't want things to go wrong, so if I happen to make the decision to do something and everything falls apart then I don't want it to be my fault. Well, whatever. I'm going to feign tiredness or something so I don't have to be involved in too much.

Brannan has been so good lately. He has been really loving. He comes up to me and gives me spontaneous hugs and says "I love you mommy!" It is the cutest and most endearing thing ever! And, he even wants to sit with me now and then when he is watching Sesame Street or something in the morning. He is still taking naps, thankfully, and if he doesn't get a nap, he is absolutely freaky! He gets a little sleep deprived and won't listen if he doesn't get a nap. I'm not sure what is going to happen next week. He is going to be totally crazy. I hope he and Wyatt will be on the same schedule so they can nap at the same time.

I'm really excited to see my sister in law. We have become really close these past few years. It is great to have someone else to vent to when you need to. We have husbands in common and that means a lot. They are totally similar and totally different in ways, but they are related, so we can relate. It is great. The husbands have also become really close too. I'm so happy about that. They used to hardly ever talk on the phone to each other, but now, they talk at least 3 times a week. It's great. I'm glad that they get their "guy time" with each other. I can't possibly offer all the stimulation he needs, so at least he can get it from another brother.

Otherwise, January is off to a good start. Went to yoga today and my instructor is really sweet, she came up to me, readjusted me a little and asked how "we two" were doing today. It made me smile. I feel a little awkward at times doing yoga, especially when I see myself in the mirror (particularly sideways) and see my belly, but I'm so excited for this next baby that I don't even mind.

I've been a little worried about the baby lately. I had some mega major cramps a couple of weeks ago and have barely been able to feel the baby move at all. Maybe it just isn't time yet, but there is still a little anxiety there. It doesn't help that I read all this stuff out there on the internet about things going wrong, either. It doesn't help at all.

This year I'm going to try to be a better friend - especially to one particular person. I guess I'm not that easy on her so I've been trying to invite her to all sorts of things lately. I know I will get a "no" most of the time, but I think if I were single, I'd love to have all these invitations. Speaking of which, I need to go invite her to another event.