Monday, August 30, 2010

Two months

Two months old! It has been a little over two months since we brought our new little girl home. Things have gone pretty seamlessly too. It has been good adding another one to our family. She is filling out more and she is starting to look like a little girl now. She still has a little bit of the "froggy legs" left. It is super cute when you pick her up, she bends up her little legs like a frog. I absolutely adore it!

We have done so many things with her - things that we didn't do with Brannan when he was that little.

We already took her up to Montana for a two week vacation. She did great. She slept a lot and didn't really cause too much trouble. We were able to do most things that we normally do with her. The only thing we did have a problem with was all of us going out rafting together. My sister in law watched her one afternoon when we went rafting which was awesome. It was so nice to get out and go rafting. We went up to our cabing for a couple of days and took out the little boats out on Bowen Lake in Glacier National Park. It was fabulous. We started out on the most pristine water I have ever been boating on. The water was literally like glass when we started out. But, after a while, the wind kicked up and started making some pretty good waves. We got a little wet, but that was ok. Kinnerly likes boating, she didn't hardly complain at all. She liked that the boat rocked back and forth, I think. She slept most of the time. Well, she probably slept most of the time too because she was only 6 weeks old and that is pretty much what they do anyway.

While we were in Montana we saw lots of friends, went to a waterpark where Brannan rode down the waterslides all on his own! He was wearing a life jacket, but he loved it! I had a lot of fun too! I have always wanted to go to that little waterpark that we always pass when we go to GNP, and finally got to do it.

We ate lots of yummy food - all the local produce wasn't in yet because they had a really late frost so everything is kindof lagging up there, but we ate lots of lettuce and some snap peas out of the garden.

Since we have been back, Brannan has started going to preschool for two mornings a week. It is a nice break for me. I think maybe we should "up it" and go full days. Currently he only goes from 7-12, but at least he gets to play with different kids and get a feel of what "school" is going to be like. The time I have with just me and the baby goes by so dang fast, I mean, just two mornings a week to myself! Oh well, it is a start and I know when these kiddos start going to school full time I am going to miss these days. Today was only day 2 of going to school and I think he really likes it, but I have heard that he tells the teacher that he really misses his mom and his dad and his sister a lot. Awww, that is so dang cute! But, I know in the end he will really like this.

Our September is so packed full of stuff, it is kindof exciting. With Brannan going to school two days a week, then this Labor Day weekend we are going camping. Next weekend is Brannan's 3rd birthday party (oh my gosh, I really need to figure out a menu!) and the weekend after that we are going to go up to my parents cabin. Then, I really really want to go boating on my new boat. So, that will be the fourth weekend of September. That's crazy! And sprinkle in some babysitting and some dentist appointments and some doctor's appointments, it looks like September will fly by!

Kinny is doing so well. She had her big round of shots last week and she had a little reaction to them. She got some bumps on her legs but now they have gone away and I think that I may have overreacted a little bit. She is a snacker like me and drinks 2 oz every couple of hours and still sleeps a ton! Last night she slept from 8-5:30! Sweet! Sweet baby sweet baby! I love her to pieces!

I can't wait to go back to the gym though. I feel so disgustingly fat. I can't even believe what the scale is telling me too! I only lost like 10lbs having Kiki. WTH? And this week, I went up like 4lbs! Unbelievable! Kiki can't go to the little gym daycare until she is 3 months old though. I really need to get my ass in shape. Ugh. And, staying home all day doesn't help, what with the alcohol and the snacks tempting me all the time.

So, that's about it for now. Off to cut up salad for dinner.