Monday, April 28, 2008


I have been so bad about keeping up with this blogging lately. I really wanted to do more, to document more, but it seems that when the baby is napping, I'm trying to get work done. I really have had no time to poke around on the internet like I used to. It's kindof crazy. But, I should make it a part of my every day so I can remember just what is happening these days.

First, baby's bottom two teeth have popped out! I can't believe it. I have told so many girlfriends how I am going to miss his "gummy" smile. It was sooo dang cute. But, these little teeth are cute too, and it's just another stage in life that I'm going to have to get used to.

We've stopped swaddling him during naps and at night. He has responded very well to this, but he manages to wedge himself up in the corner of his crib all the time, it is pretty funny.

He has gotten super good at rolling over from back to tummy and tummy to back. We're still waiting for the signs of crawling though. None yet.

He is super smiley and is overall a good baby. He's eating lots of people food like butternut squash, acorn squash, zuchinni, yellow squash, pears, apples, and even Grandma's meatballs! Oh, and he had some rice on Friday night too. He seemed to like that.

His Auntie came to visit this past weekend. She had fun with him and she played with him a lot, it was cool to see. I hope he has a really good bond with her, unlike the bonds with relatives I have. I don't really have bonds with my relatives, so I really hope that his life is a little different. I don't regret it, we have tons of wonderful friends, but we moved away from our relatives when we were very small, so we didn't have a lot of contact with them. So, our way of solving this problem is to call everyone "auntie" and "uncle". That's way cool with me! Some real uncles I'd rather not introduce him to anyway...

I came down with more of my diverticulitis this weekend. That just reminds me that I need to do more research on it. It is a terrible pain, but the good thing about it is that I don't want to eat so I lost like 4 lbs this weekend! Sweet!

That's what's been going on. Oh, did I mention that I LOVE my job??? I do...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

7 Months Old

I just got through my two email accounts and I received about 10 notifications that my baby is 7 months old now. Today. Today is the day, 7 months ago, that we drove to the hospital to be induced. 7 months ago, we sat in a very nice birthing room, watching my favorite movie, Anchorman, laughing and waiting. I remember being so hungry and all I could think about was a sandwich from The Picnic Company, one of my favorite little shops in that area. But then I remember all the horror stories that I read about people throwing up because of the pain, or more horrifying, pooping while you are pushing. So, I pushed my sandwich thoughts aside for thoughts about the big moment when my baby would arrive.

So, we waited and waited. It was a long day. Although it would all be over at 6:35 PM. That's when he would arrive. But, around 3 PM I could tell that my husband was getting restless. I told him to go out and do something. He doesn't like to sit around and watch tv. I dozed in and out of sleep because I got my epidural about noon. It was awesome. Of course, people would come in and out of the room, give me the obligatory check (i've never had so many pelvic exams in one day ever), and check my monitors. The baby didn't want to show up on the monitor, so I had to keep shifting positions and shifting the monitors.

After months of waiting and reading about delivery, it was here! I was scared and nervous and elated and really scared.

7 months ago today was one of the best days of my life.

7 months ago today my baby came into the world.

Monday, April 7, 2008


So, I got fired on Friday. It was totally unexpected. I'm 33 years old and have never been fired before in my life. But, the craziest thing about it - I wasn't sad! I have been sortof secretly hoping that I'd get fired. I was hoping for an awesome severance package, and the weight to be cut free from around my neck that was sinking me deeper and deeper into the ocean of boredom. But, it happened, and I was pretty happy about it. Supposedly I have been given another option about working from home. I'm really excited about that. Even though I'll still be associated with the company, at least I don't have to go into the office and face people I really don't like to do. I'm supposed to be getting a formal contract at some point today.

The coolest thing?

I get to be with my baby ALL THE TIME!!!

The saddest thing?

I really am going to miss the girls at daycare. I'm going to go visit them today and to thank them for everything.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Gettin' wiggy with it

So, a co-worker just came by my desk and we were chatting about nothing really when she told me a story about a girlfriend of hers who had a whole room devoted to her wigs. Wow! Wigs? I decided that I need to start a collection of wigs. They are probably expensive though. No matter! How fun would it be to go out and just be someone different for a couple of hours? Even if it is to dinner with the husband and the baby! What if I went to a company dinner with a fancy wig? That'd be fun!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Yay me!

I'm really proud of myself. Yesterday I stood up for what I really wanted. I told this person how I felt and how I wanted things to be. I'm not sure if I am going to get my way, but at least I did it! I usually let people walk all over me and say "yes, ok" to everything that comes my way (at least I do at work). But you know what, yesterday I said I wasn't happy with the decisions that were being made about me. I said that I was going to feel confined and basically not good if things went the way that others wanted them to be. I hope it really turns out good for me.

But, in the meantime, I have to go to a dentist appointment tonight and get a crown put on my tooth! Ick. I'm not afraid of the dentist or anything, it's really just a pain to have to do. It takes time out of my life and I'd rather just be hanging out with my baby. Yanno?

Otherwise, my MIL is in town for the week. It has been fairly drama-free. Although she has her share of drama at home. I am trying to help her with her drama but, it is hard to do because I don't know all the facts. Whatever - I think my HB doesn't even want to deal with it. But, really, my only motivation to help her out is because I don't want her knocking on my door in ten years when she is totally penniless and sick and in hospice or something and we'll have to help her. Well, I guess she wouldn't be knocking on my door if she was in hospice, but you get my drift.

It's just terrible to watch someone being taken advantage of and you can't do a thing about it. I often wonder how she gets through life. There are so many things that she doesn't even know, like what a "flauta" is, or what brand of tequila is good and what brand is bad.

She just called me and said "Brannan ate my whole banana!" How cute. He's getting so big now and eating all sorts of people food. I'm going to go out and get him some O's this weekend.

I need to get back to work, lots to do today. And, I'm in a good mood because I'm so happy for myself! But then I just remembered my dentist appointment. Ugh. That's ok though!