Friday, March 28, 2008

Wake up

This morning Squeaks busted out of his swaddler. Well, really only one arm, but he wasn't wearing any PJ's because it is getting quite warm at night now, so his little arm was sticking out and his belly was exposed. So, it was still pretty early, like 5am, and so I un-velcroed his swaddler and wrapped it around his belly to let his arms go free. He doesn't sleep very well without being swaddled, and I was already wide awake, so I thought i'd try it out for an hour. Well, he promptly did some stretches , rubbed his little eyes and then put his arms over his head like he was signaling a field goal. He slept like this for another hour and a half. It was so dang cute that I had to stand there for at least 5 minutes, laughing in my head, before I turned on his little light to wake him up for the day.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Too long

Ok, I haven't been able to vent in such a long time! I've been so super busy, it's just been crazy. But, that's a likely excuse, right? Well, let's just start if off with last weekend, where I was in the hospital all weekend long! What a crappy weekend that was. First, I had to miss the annual St. Patrick's Day party at our friends house. This is the 2nd one I've missed because the year before, I was preggo and I couldn't drink! boo hoo. Anyway, I came down with a nasty case of diverticulitis and went ahead and perforated my intestine. My left side of my abdomen was really hurting that whole week and I decided I needed to go to the doctor on Friday. Well, they wouldn't even see me in their office, they said "do not pass Go, go directly to the ER." I figured they'd give me a prescription for some antibiotics and send me on my way. But, by about 7pm, they decided that I needed to be admitted, unfortunately. So, I spent my whole weekend in the hospital. It blew.

I missed Monday at work because I still wasn't feeling up to par by then, so I used a sick day. But, I finally recovered and went back to work.

This past weekend was super crazy, although it didn't involve any hospitals, thank goodness. We went up to the cabin on Friday night and then went to a party at Rick and Nancy's on Saturday. It was fun, but a bit strange. I got sucked in to the family dramas, which was fun, but I'm sure glad none of that stuff happens to us. Then, there was a landslide that covered our quickest route home, so it ended up taking us 3 hours to get home instead of the usual 1 hour. I was pissed off because I had to drive and couldn't drink. And, my man wanted to keep staying later and later and later. Finally I just had to put my foot down and tell him we were leaving. Ugh. So, then we finally got home (at 2:30AM!!!) went straight to bed and were awakened at 6AM by Squeaks. Of course. Then, I had so much to do, I had to cook side dishes and pound cake and go to the grocery store, it was just nutty.

Anyway, it's Monday again, and the start to a new week. The MIL is due to come in on Saturday. another ugh. Hopefully those days will fly by too. I have no idea what we are going to do with her. I hope she doesn't want to watch the baby, but I'm leaving all those details up to Byron. Maybe she'll just want to hang out in the backyard and tan. She likes to do that a lot. But, more later...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Yesterday our little bugger had his 6 month checkup. The poor thing had to have 4 shots (2 in each leg) and one oral dose of something. He was super tired after the ordeal and I was too because it took over 2 hours to get out of the stupid office! I couldn't believe it. Plus, the nurses were quite dumb. I had to show her how to tare out the stupid scale. Whatever - it was a nightmare. But, when I got home, daddy had to take a nap because he worked the overnight shift last night, so I was watching him, but the little guy just kept whining all night. He went to bed super early and I knew that he would wake up in the middle of the night wanting a bottle because he didn't eat anything before bed. Well, he is feeling better today, so that's good.

This past weekend we took the little guy sledding. It was fun. I'm not sure he had too much fun, but we just needed to get out of the house for a little bit. We then dropped in on some friends who live in Payson, and it ended up being a late day. They are really fun to hang out with and they have done so many improvements on their house, they had to show us everything!

Anyway, here we are sledding. Oh, and of course, I forgot it is WW...

Friday, March 7, 2008

Attention! Attention!

It seems like from the moment I get home from work and picking up the baby from daycare, daddy and I are fighting for the baby's attention. I try very, very hard to let baby and dad have quality time, but it seems like they'll go on FOREVER and not let me have any time! The other day, I let dad and baby play in the other room, change clothes, giggle, do whatever they were doing, so I washed dishes and mixed up a little bowl of veggies for the baby's dinner. So, then they sweep into the room, pick up the little bowl and proceed to have dinner! Without me! I wanted to feed the baby! (stamping of feet and frowny face)! We have such little time with him after work and before he goes to bed, its absurd. Then, he goes to bed and I'm lost. Don't know what to do. I pick up the few toys that got scattered about and wash the leftover bottles, but then I have like 2 hours before I go to bed. Daddy goes straight to the computer and I'm just sitting there. I've tried to keep the baby up longer, but he's just too tired. I guess when he gets a little older, he'll want to stay up later. Until then, I just look forward to the weekends when we get to hang out.

Tonight we are going to go on an art walk with some friends and their baby. It should be interesting. This art walk isn't the typical art walk - it's like a Grateful Dead show gone nutty. There are people making electricity on bikes, people selling grilled cheeses and Pabst beer, people selling hubcap art, bottlecap art, any kind of art possible. It's fun, and crowded. I made the mistake last time of bringing the stroller because the baby was too small to sit up on his own. I couldn't even stroll on the sidewalks, it was so crowded! I ended up in the street. But, now the baby can hold his head up and we are going to bring the baby backpack! It should be fun.

Until them, I'm ready for the weekend! Bring it on!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I forgot it was WW!

The power of positive thinking

Last week I went out with a co-worker for a few happy hour drinks. We started to talk about "The Secret" movie and book and how the power of positive thinking really does work. Actually, the owner of the company I work for gave me the movie to watch at home, and I thought it was pretty cool. This was WAY before Oprah made it the 'book of the month' and totally destroyed it for everyone. Ok, well, it wasn't destroyed, but Oprah made it so damn popular, it just got insane. I think I saw it a year before she did - not to brag or anything. But anyway, my friend was telling me how she saw the movie years ago and how it really changed her life. It even brought back her ex-husband into her life and they just got re-married. I hope that their marriage lasts. Anyway, back to positive thinking - so yesterday I wrote about how we are going to try to get the baby to sleep through the night - well guess what - he did!!! I was so dang excited!

I told my man about what I had been reading yesterday (establishing routines, letting him cry it out, etc) and told him I wanted to give it a shot. So, while I went to the gym, daddy gave him some green beans and squash that I made for him, and a bottle, then after I got home, we played a little and he had a small night-night bottle that had some rice ceral in it. He was super tired too, maybe that helped. We finished the terrible movie we were watching, then went to bed ourselves. Then, Squeaks woke up at 11 on the nose. I went in to his crib, gave him his passifier and put my hands on his little shoulders and just whispered to him. He went right back to sleep and didn't wake up again until 4am!!!!!

I was so surprised I woke up at 3 and went to check on him.

It was awesome! My positive thinking worked - or at least that's what i'm telling myself! How cool!

Going to the gym was good, I felt good afterwards, I just wish I could go when the baby wasn't awake. But, if I wait until that late, it will just mess up my schedule I think. At least I was 1lb down on the scale today.

On another note, I got one of those silly forwarded emails that talks about "getting to know your friends". I filled it out and sent it out, but one of the questions was "when you're angry, how do you vent?" I struggled with that one, but was pretty honest - I said I bottle it up and then just deal with it myself or write about it. I think this little home will help me do that too. I didn't want to say "blog about it" because then maybe my friends and family will find my blog. I wonder. But, I also said that I don't like conflict, which is really true. So, then if they do find my blog, will I think twice about what I write? Would I write just to entertain or just to spit it all out. Well, who the heck cares anyway. Whatever. If they find it, they find it. Big woop. It's not like I tell horrible stories about people here.

But, I better get back to work...

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I've been doing a little web-research on how to get the little munchkin to sleep through the night. After thinking about it a little bit, we are just conditioned to jump up out of bed and make a bottle at the slightest sound of the baby crying. I think tonight I am going to try a little more soothing or crying-it-out before I feed him. I mean, we fed him at about 8, even gave him some rice in the bottle, and I gave him butternut squash for dinner and a bottle before that. He woke up at 11 and we automatically fed him. Now, thinking about it, I think he just kinda woke himself up with his squirmy hands or something because it was only 11! Then, he woke up at 2, which you would think would be kindof normal.

And, on another note, I'm going to have to go to the gym tonight. Ick. I really need to get back to it. But, I just want to spend time with Squeaks! I don't get to see him very much and really want to hang out with him, but I'm really wasting this gym membership. And, I still have a few more lbs to shed before I get to pre-baby weight. Even though i've been able to fit into old pants lately which is a real ego-boost, I think i've slipped a bit this past weekend and this week. So, I'm going to go home, drop the baby off with daddy and head to the stupid gym. If I get home by 6:30, I can at least spend some time with him before he goes to bed. I haven't been to the gym since before daddy's accident.

We started watching the movie "Employee of the Month" last night. Boy, it is pretty terrible, but there were a few funny jokes here and there. Daddy likes those silly movies so I thought I'd throw one in the queue for him. I watched "3:10 to Yuma" this weekend in bits and pieces, but I really liked it. That was a fun movie, but really sad in the end.

We are planning to take Squeaks sledding this weekend! That should be some fun. I'm not sure if he'll enjoy it or not seeing as how he is only barely 6 months old, but we'll see.

I have a massage scheduled for this weekend, but I guess I'm going to have to cancel that.

This past weekend we had some fun - we went over to Sully and A's on Friday night and just hung out and had some pizza and drinks. We ended up getting home about 11 I think. Then on Saturday we went over to Val and Anthonys for a BBQ. It ended up being like 15 people at their house when originally it was just going to be the 6 of us (with kids). It was too funny. Their neighbors are people who just come over, then bring their kids, then the kids go into the jaccuzzi, then before you know it, they are grilling hamburgers and dogs for the kids, and of course, I didn't bring enough for 15 people! But, I made some marinated London Broil and it turned out wonderful! I'm definitely going to make that recipe again. Oh, then made some cinnamon rolls for the neighbors because their house is in demo mode.

Note to self: stupid and cheerful.