Monday, February 8, 2010


I swear, when that child sleeps, he is the cutest thing in the WORLD!

I just want to curl up right next to him and spoon him until he wakes up - but that would probably wake him up anyway.

I want to kiss his little face and feel his forehead and smooth out his wispy hair.

He looks like a little angel when he sleeps.

I bet everyone says that, but boy oh boy, he is so scrumptious I want to eat him up with chocolate sauce and sprinkles on top!

Anyway, yesterday was the super bowl. It wasn't too exciting. We went to a house that was soooo far out of town it was a long drive. But, the house was really nice. I wish we lived in a house that nice. I didn't get to see the upstairs, but I bet it was pretty cool. I wouldn't even mind the drive I don't think. It had a humongous backyard with a pool and two grassy areas. Sheesh - one of these days.

Brannan got sick last night too. He woke up at 1 kindof coughing and I felt him and he was pretty hot. I took a few covers off of him but he woke up at 2 saying he had "boogies" and needed to blow his nose. Byron picked him up and he started hacking and then threw up the 2 brownies he had for dinner. He was really hot too. Over 100 degrees. So, I stripped him and put him in some new jammies and we watched Shrek. We finally got to bed about 3:45 and he woke up at 7:30. He is still kinda hot today and super snotty so we are sticking close to home today. He is napping now and I need to go and take one too.

There is a pot roast in the slow cooker and it feels like winter today.

The baby is kicking and making me want ice cream.

I better do something about all this...

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