Wednesday, September 15, 2010


We had the worst Labor Day camping trip ever!

It started out that we lost the keys to the truck on Thursday night. Unbeknownst to us, the keys mysteriously fell into a pile of baby stuff that was carted off to our friends' house that night.

We searched high and low for 3 hours straight on Friday morning to no avail. And really, our house is not that big. The first twenty minutes could've pretty much covered everything.

Luckily, my girlfriend was allowed to use their extra truck from work to take us all up. So, we continued to pack to go camping but there was a mysterious undertone to everything. Everyone was slightly off edge and cranky. We got to our spot (that we didn't even want to go to) late so we had to set up everything in the dark, which is a total pain in the ass.

Friday night was ok. I didn't feel like cooking at all because I hate to cook in the dark, and hate to eat in the dark even worse becaue I don't know what the hell could be crawling around in my food. I really need to SEE what I am eating, at all times. So, I made some sandwiches for everyone (without condiments because we seemed to have forgotten those too) and some pasta salad. That was ok. A few cocktails later and everything was even better, but we had to get to bed because little children wake up really really early when you are camping.

Oh, rewind to the drive up to the spot - my friend gets a photo radar ticket in her work vehicle! OMG! So lame!

Saturday was ok, but the spot that we camped in is really really dirty. I know that sounds really dumb since you are camping, but honestly, it has this terrible dirt that is black and is so super fine, it is like powdered sugar fine. Super annoying and when you are wearing sandals, your feet are instantly black. The boys took off to go to the lake and got lost for like two hours trying to find the lake. They come back to the campsite and decide to go shooting and my husband forgets all of his ammo in the car. Duh! Whatever! What else could go wrong?

They come back from shooting so late, I don't know when to start dinner (there aren't exactly any cell phones up there), and then again, we are cooking in the dark and I was so pissed off about it, I didn't even cook. I threw a little bit of a fit about that too. Oh, and to top it all off, my girlfriend caught a cold.

Yay camping.


I had too many cocktails on Saturday night but had fun doing it but regretted it the next morning on the drive home. My girlfriend gets up Sunday morning and just basically threw a fit about being dirty and said she wanted to go home so we packed up and were home by 12:30 to continue the search for our missing keys.

We went swimming on Sunday afternoon, cleaned up a little, looked for the keys and ate some pasta for dinner.

Monday we had to return the car to my girlfriend and look for more keys. I called the towtruck, they took the car to the dealership. Luckily, they were closed though, so that allowed for more time to look for the keys.

Tuesday rolls around and still no keys. The dealership called and said it was going to be $600! Holy shit! Are these keys going to sing me romantic songs and take me out to dinner too?? Or, maybe to Hawaii? I could've flown to Hawaii for that price!

But, we still have no keys so I tell them to go ahead and do it.

Tuesday the husband gets home from work and we are getting ready to go pick up the MOST EXPENSIVE SET OF KEYS I've ever encountered when my girlfriend calls. I figure she just wanted to tell me something or other, but she says "I found your KEYS!"

Oh no you didn't!

Please tell me you didn't!

She did.

They were in a pile of baby stuff that left the house on Thursday night.

Mother #$%%%^^.

That was the worst and perhaps the most expensive Labor Day I've ever had.

But, hey, things could be worse, so I guess it is ok.

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