Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A mini-vacation

We just got back from a fun family trip to Big Bear, CA. It was great. We rented a nice "cabin" in town with a bunch of other people. My man went mountian biking all weekend and I hung out with the baby and looked around town, took him to the lake, had him dip his toes in (it was really cold and he pulled his feet up immediately), we took him to "The Village" and listened to some really bad karaoke. I really enjoyed the weather, it was perfect. I would've slept with the windows open all night if we didn't have the baby in the room with us. It was about 75 degrees outside every day and just chilly enough to wear a jacket at night. Just perfect.

Then, we had to drive home. We had to drive back to this hot, hot city. Driving through the desert between Big Bear and Phoenix, we saw the temperature register on our dashboard at 112 degrees. I can't stand this heat. I can't wait to get out of this town. I'm so ready.

But, the trip was fantastic. It was the first long drive for the baby, and he did just great for most of the trip, but the last hour was a little tough for him. He didn't like being strapped into his car seat for 6 hours at a time. But, he is going to have to learn to like it because we spend a lot of time in the car trying to get out of the city and go somewhere more bearable.

During our trip, we did a lot of playing and the baby is getting so ready to crawl. He is pulling himself up on to his knees and lunging forward towards things, it is so great! We shared the "cabin" with 6 other adults and no children, and *everyone* said that they were so impressed because he is such a great baby and no one heard him cry the whole entire weekend. Well, he did cry once, but that was because Daddy was using the bulb on his stuffed-up nose. I was elated to hear other people praise the baby and us. They were saying that the baby's behavior was a reflection of Mommy and Daddy. Kind words from kind people. It was nice. Also, one of the women there just learned that she is preggos. She is only 6 weeks along, but I was so excited for her, I even brought her a gift. Her first gift of the pregnancy. I hope it goes very well for her, she and her man are very special people.

This weekend is Memorial Day. I'm not sure what we are going to do yet. It depends on if the husband has to work or not. I hope he doesn't have to work and we can go camping and do something fun.

I'm off to download pictures from the weekend now.

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