Thursday, October 23, 2008

13 Months

Hi Baby,

Well, now you are 13 Months old. You are getting so big and you are growing at an alarming rate. Well, not like you have a huge head or your legs are totally disproportionate or anything like that, it is just that you are growing so fast, I can't believe it. You actually *know* a lot of the things that I say to you, like "c'mon buggy, let's get out of this room" or "let's get outta here" or "time to go to the gym". It is just crazy how you are understanding us more and more.

We took you on your first cruise a couple of weeks ago. Yes, you were a Concierge Class Baby on Celebrity Cruises. Yes, you got your evening canapes and you got your crib turned down (most of the time)and you ran and ran up and down the buffet floor like there was no tomorrow. You ate lots of watermelon and canteloupe and you even had some of the "Pass-O-Guava" juice that they love to put in the dispensers. You didn't like that so much. Your cousin coerced you into trying smoked salmon, which you surprisingly liked. Even though Mom and Dad don't like it at all. You were very good overall during the vacation - probably because we deprived you of many, many naps.

Now we are home and Daddy is gone on a hunting vacation. He has been gone a long time. Almost 7 days now and it feels like an eternity. He is so good with you when he comes home from work. I was just telling your Grandma that he watches you eat dinner, cleans you up after dinner, takes you on evening walks, does you night bath and then reads you stories and puts you to bed. And that is *every* night! What a Daddy! He is awesome! That leaves me some time to do the dishes or clean up whatever has been going on in the house. But now, that he is on vacation, it is really hard to do. But, he will be home soon and we are looking very forward to it.

Well, now you are in a "big boy" seat in the car. It faces forward and you like it a lot more than your rear-facing carseat. Although you are getting really cranky riding in the car most of the times. I'm not sure why, but I'm NOT giving you a passifier to soothe you. It is against all rules. Sorry buddy.

Anyway, just wanted to catch up and say hi this month. I have to go and get some work done now. Or maybe I just need to relax for like 30 minutes...

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