Thursday, February 5, 2009

Play date!

Today we are going on an actual play date!

Ok, well, it is disguised by having dinner with the other mom and catching up, but really, I'm just in the need of some other adult conversation and someone else to entertain the baby. Especially since that other entertainer will only be a year older than he is. At least they are still toddlers and can throw things and play with things together and understand each other. They can share balls and share sippy cups and share conversation that I know nothing about. Sometimes I have to walk around the whole house with the baby to understand what he wants. He is in the "pointing" stage and can't say what he really wants or needs. It is a fun stage because he is getting so much more independant, but also a little frustrating for the adults in his life.

He's having fun right now standing a book up on its end at the counter here while I type. It won't be long until he gets bored with that though, and I'll have to distract him with something else.

Well, baby, you are going on a play date today, and I'm probably looking forward to it more than you are!

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Lauren said...

Cate!!! I did NOT know about You're amazing!!! Have fun on your playdate :*