Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Spray Adhesive

Did you know that Spray Adhesive works wonderfully as a roach killer? They should specify that on the can.

See, I have this TERRIBLE fear of cockroaches. They make me jump on top of furniture and scream like a little girl at the mere sight of them.

I can't kill them for the life of me.

One time, my husband was out of town and I saw one in the bathroom. It literally took me an hour to get the never up to kill the thing, then it took about 10 whacks with my Chaco before the stupid thing even died!

So, imagine my fear when I HEARD one crawling all over my magazines next to my bed this morning. I shot straight out of bed and ran for the garage. See, I knew who it was because I saw him two days earlier in the bathroom. After that sighting, I closed the bathroom door and put a towel along the floor on the outside hoping and praying that he wouldn't find his way out and into my bedroom and onto my bed and crawling all over me in the middle of the night.


Anyway, I am looking around in the garage for something to spray on this creepy crawly ick monster, and it really is a monster, it is literally 4 or 5 inches long, and I spy a can of spray adhesive. I have no idea why it is in the garage, but I figured WD-40 wasn't going to kill the thing, so I might as well try the adhesive.

So, I tiptoe back into my room, see the nasty copper colored creature and give him a quick spray (hoping and praying that he doesn't freak out and suddenly jump on my face), and just like that - he rolls over on to his back, sticks all 6 or 10 or however many legs he has together and just stopped moving! I mean, really, just stopped!

And guess what - I just did it again to a creepy on the tile floor!

It works, it really works!!!!!

The had part though is unsticking the ickmonster from the floor to flush it down the toilet. Yeesh.

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