Sunday, March 13, 2011

Zee Play Ground...

There is this little place right outside of our hotel called ZepleGarounde and literally, it took us almost FOUR days to realize the name of this place! I swear, I was looking up all these words in my French dictionary and couldn't find any of them. So, finally, today, I figured that it was a play on words and just sounded it out (in English), and voila!

The Play Ground!

It is a cute little space inside a building with some areas for kids to run around in. A ball pit, some little padded mazes and stuff like that. Oh, they also have a video game station that Brannan really loved - he played this game that had a 4-wheeler going off road and he wouldn't stop playing it!

The people that own it are making a killing! It is a great place in this city of shops and restaurants. This town has a LOT of shops and restaurants. It really isn't a place for a family with little children, we have figured out.

I think we realized that we really aren't "city" people. Gosh, I know that our place back in Arizona is really small, but, compared to these little apartments, it is a world of difference.

And, really, lately, I have been wandering around our house, thinking how small it was and how much we didn't really need all the stuff we had. But now, when I am here, I see that everything is made from IKEA and everything is in tiny proportions, it makes me really appreciate the space that we do have. Thinking about my sister-in-law's place makes me want to wear a hoop skirt and twirl around singing "The hills are alive....."

Otherwise, we took a little drive today and saw a little bit more of this area.

They love the "grand rond" - which is just a traffic circle. Personally, they freak me out because the GPS lady says "take the 5th exit on rue de blah blah" and I have to count however many streets you can go on, but if you aren't allowed to go on one street (aka - one way!) then, that doesn't count as one of the "exits". Seriously, it makes my knuckles white and my adrenaline pumped to the highest level.

And then there is driving with my husband.
Oh. my. gawd.

So, he is listening to the GPS lady and she says "veer right on rew deh l'orsaghe" or something like that because she can't even speak french. And then Byron says "so, do I go right here?" and I say, "I DONT KNOW! LISTEN TO HER!!!!" and then he veers right too soon and then the GPS lady says "RECALCULATING!!!!" and then you know you are in for it because he turned too soon....

Makes me want to stab myself in the shins and wish I was back in Phoenix where every street is a square.

So, needless to say, driving here has been an adventure.

We did get to go to a museum today and saw some really old artifacts. It was awesome. I only wish I remember my days back in college when I was studying art history. Remembering the difference between Gothic and Romance and all those eras. It is just nice being able to see some really old art.

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