Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Worst Mom In The World

I think I won the "worst mom in the world" medal. So, to start off, I began with a meeting of two guys who were going to look at buying the Saturn. It was all going so well and they agreed to buy the thing. The next step was to go to the bank and get the title notarized. So, I'm trying to round up the kids and everything I need to go to the corner to the bank. I grab the car seat, set it on top of the kitchen counter and set Kinnerly in it. Then, everything happened in a split second. Brannan threw my sunglasses on the floor and for some reason, just instinctual I guess, I bend over to pick them up. Not even comprehending that I hadn't buckled the baby in yet, because really, it only takes a SECOND to pick up something off the floor! Well, she decides to see what I'm doing out of her view and she sits STRAIGHT UP! And then her carseat rocks. And it propelled her, almost shot her, out of her carseat and face first on to the saltillo tile! The carseat came quickly after and landed on top of her. OH MY GOD! I freaked out! She started crying, obviously, but that was better than her being unconscious! Her little nose bled for a tiny bit and she couldn't stop screaming. I didn't know what to do, to take her to the ER? The pediatrician? I tried calling them but they are always busy and I got sent to a recording. I tried my Mom, but she wasn't at her desk. I was wandering all around and around the house holding her close trying to get her to stop crying, giving her a passifier and whatnot. I checked to make sure her eyes were still dilating (which they were). I think I did that like 3 times in our dark bedroom. Well, I loaded them all up finally after about 10 minutes freaking out, trying to find Brannan's shoes and then we had to wait forever to get the stupid title notarized. Anyway, after all of the car crap, I called Byron and told him that I needed the car to take the baby to the doctor. Well, it ended up that her poor top lip and nose took the brunt of the fall. Her lip is so fat that she doesn't even look like the regular pretty baby we know. It is so strange. But, you look in her mouth and her whole top lip is dark, dark purple! I feel so bad. I felt so bad that I had a dream that Byron told me that she died! Oh my! Anyway, that is the story of the worst mom in the world. But, the Saturn is sold and then after I got back from the pediatrician, we had an appointment for someone to come and look at our house to rent. And, the guy loves it and is going to sign the lease! Now our house is rented too! Today an evaluator comes over to get the details for our move. Guess how much it is going to cost to fly Zeffie over! Uh, yeah - $2200!!!! Too funny. It will make for a good part of my book though!

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