Monday, January 19, 2009

The weather is here...

It is absolutely beautiful here these days. I just want to spend so much time outside!

We went on our nightly walk and I could smell someone bbqing on the way. For some reason it smelled like many times we went camping when we were "younger."

We are still pretty young, in the whole scheme of things, but it just brought me back to some other times. When the drinks flowed way too freely and somehow you ended up in your tent at night with all the covers on.

Now, I have to make sure all the covers are on the baby before I go to bed.

It is a crazy extreme.

But, I love it.

We played at the park and he went down the slide and I watched him run around the pool for about half an hour.

It was a great day.

But, he misses his Daddy.

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