Tuesday, January 13, 2009

2009 already?

So much has happened and I really need to keep journaling everything down because I know I won't remember it when time comes.

Let's see.

December was pretty fun. We started the holidays with my sister coming out to visit. It seemed like the week just flew by while she was here. I was determined to have her spend a lot of time with Brannan because she doesn't get to see him very much. I think she had his fill of him! Then, Christmas was here. No one went too crazy on the baby which I was pretty thankful for. We just don't have enough room in our house for toys. I know, it seems crazy, but I don't know how people do it - hide all those toys everywhere. I like to pick things up after a day of play and put everything in its place.

Anyway, after Christmas, we went up to Montana to visit Lee and Sandi. It was great fun. We just ate a lot of good food and did a lot of hanging out. Sandi and I went cross country skiing one day and we went to dinner at some other friends' house. It was nice to see everyone. And, not to mention the 30" of snow! Holy cow! It was awesome! The boys built a huge sledding hill which we had a lot of fun on too.

So, we came home and now here we are, already January 13th! Where does the time go? I can't believe it!

I found out that our best friends are pregnant with their first child and I also found out that a super good friend just had a miscarriage.

I'm not pregnant yet, but I'm crossing my fingers.

I won't see my husband for quite some time, so I guess I'll be without child for a while. He's going to be out of town for work, but maybe I'll plan an "ovulation" trip to see him!

It's funny, I could've swore I was pregnant this week and I took a test. I think the test was too old though because the lines were so faint, but when I looked at them in the light of my bathroom, it looked like a definite plus sign. I brought the test out to the kitchen, though, and showed it to my husband and he said that it wasn't "lit up". But, during those brief minutes while I waited for him to put Brannan to bed, I got really really nervous. Like when I found out I was pregnant with Brannan.

I took another test yesterday though, and it said it was negative.

Well, back to the drawing board!

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