Monday, March 2, 2009

Old friends

I'm not big into this Facebook stuff. For some reason one of my girlfriends asked me to put up a profile so she could share some stuff with me. Well, now it is kindof getting out of control. I just reconnected with an old friend from high school, now 2 old friends, and who knows where it is going to go. I know for sure that I DON'T want to connect with one of the old friends who is connected to these other friends. He wasn't very nice to me at the end of our friendship. I didn't like him and said very threatening things then. Anyway, this Facebook thing is all the rage I guess, but I don't spend much time on it.

I was happy to hear from one of my friends and we have been catching up on our lives, but some things are getting a little too close for comfort. Oh well, I guess we'll just see what happens. I mean, it's not like my home address is out there anywhere.

On another note, we had an awesome weekend! Daddy came home on Friday and Brannan had the best time hanging out with him. He will thankfully be here for most of the month, so that is great. We went to a firefighter's chili cookoff on Saturday. It was nice and we ate way too much chili. Then we went to a little get-together hosted by one of Daddy's coworkers. It was nice. Yesterday we hung out with Grandma and Pappy and then had an early dinner. It is great to be back on a schedule again (an EASY schedule) when Daddy is here. He does all the bed time stuff, and I clean up and get ready for the next day. It is so nice.

We're still working on getting pregnant. I'll let you know how it turns out in a couple of weeks I guess. No news yet.

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