Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy 2010

Do we say "twenty ten" or is it "two thousand ten?"

Not sure.

I guess I haven't really been put to the test yet since my toddler barely cares what day of the week it is let alone what year it is.

Anywho - it is already the new year and it is starting out great. We finally got most of the house painted. Just a few touch ups here and there. We ripped out the front room carpet - I wish we weren't storing the old carpet behind the couch, but whatever, I'll just deal with it. And, we got the wood flooring here, so we are all ready for my brother in law to come and help with the handiwork. I can't wait for the new floors to be in. It will look great. Oh, and we got our countertop laminate, and I really need to go and get a new sink. I can't decide what to get - another stainless steel or should I get a black ceramic? All the other appliances in the kitchen are black, so maybe a black ceramic sink? Ugh, not sure! Maybe my sister in law can help when she comes to visit.

They will all be here on Monday. It should be fun. We are scheduled to go to Disney on Ice one night and then there is the big marathon that is really the whole reason they are coming for (as well as other family members) which should be fun. I guess I should make a big dinner for Sunday night, but I'm not sure what I should make, and if I can make enough to feed everyone. There are going to be a LOT of people here. I don't want to make any decisions. I guess that is why I have been called a pushover. I don't want things to go wrong, so if I happen to make the decision to do something and everything falls apart then I don't want it to be my fault. Well, whatever. I'm going to feign tiredness or something so I don't have to be involved in too much.

Brannan has been so good lately. He has been really loving. He comes up to me and gives me spontaneous hugs and says "I love you mommy!" It is the cutest and most endearing thing ever! And, he even wants to sit with me now and then when he is watching Sesame Street or something in the morning. He is still taking naps, thankfully, and if he doesn't get a nap, he is absolutely freaky! He gets a little sleep deprived and won't listen if he doesn't get a nap. I'm not sure what is going to happen next week. He is going to be totally crazy. I hope he and Wyatt will be on the same schedule so they can nap at the same time.

I'm really excited to see my sister in law. We have become really close these past few years. It is great to have someone else to vent to when you need to. We have husbands in common and that means a lot. They are totally similar and totally different in ways, but they are related, so we can relate. It is great. The husbands have also become really close too. I'm so happy about that. They used to hardly ever talk on the phone to each other, but now, they talk at least 3 times a week. It's great. I'm glad that they get their "guy time" with each other. I can't possibly offer all the stimulation he needs, so at least he can get it from another brother.

Otherwise, January is off to a good start. Went to yoga today and my instructor is really sweet, she came up to me, readjusted me a little and asked how "we two" were doing today. It made me smile. I feel a little awkward at times doing yoga, especially when I see myself in the mirror (particularly sideways) and see my belly, but I'm so excited for this next baby that I don't even mind.

I've been a little worried about the baby lately. I had some mega major cramps a couple of weeks ago and have barely been able to feel the baby move at all. Maybe it just isn't time yet, but there is still a little anxiety there. It doesn't help that I read all this stuff out there on the internet about things going wrong, either. It doesn't help at all.

This year I'm going to try to be a better friend - especially to one particular person. I guess I'm not that easy on her so I've been trying to invite her to all sorts of things lately. I know I will get a "no" most of the time, but I think if I were single, I'd love to have all these invitations. Speaking of which, I need to go invite her to another event.

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