Thursday, March 25, 2010


You know when you are a Mom when you are in the parking lot and you look for a parking spot next to an empty grocery cart instead of a parking spot closest to the entrance.

Going to the grocery store today was funny. I let the big boy do his "own walking" and had the little one I occasionally watch in the cart. She was doing just fine talking and smiling and watching things go by. The big boy wanted to push the cart (from the front and walking backwards), so he actually wanted to pull the cart, through the grocery store. He was a pretty big help and I really only needed a few things anyway (but ended up with half a cart full of stuff), but when I started zigging and zagging, he followed, but I got frustrated because it was going so slow. I finally got him to pull facing forward so he didn't have to worry about running into things and we got around a little quicker.

We checked out, went out to lunch, got pooped on by a pigeon, dropped my water bottle in some stagnant fusty water and got home.

After I unloaded all the groceryies, I noticed a huge pack of Always pads on the counter. I was like "wth? where did these come from?" Well, I guess big boy wanted me to buy them so he put them in the cart for me.

Um, yeah, no.

Now we have to go back and return them. No biggie, just funny that I never saw them in the cart or in the checkout line as we paid for everything. It totally snuck right by me.

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