Monday, April 26, 2010


He can sing his ABC's now. It is too cute. He skips over a lot of the middle part - mostly because he has a hard time pronouncing the letters separately, but that's ok. I'll let him keep singing.

I am trying to teach him how to write. He is getting more interested in drawing and coloring, so I'm trying to have that more easily accesible.

He remember so much! He remembers one conversation I had with him regarding naps. I told him that he needs to go to bed so he can get all his energy back so he can play again, and he repeats that to me all the time. It is too funny.

This weekend we didn't do much of anything - once again. But, that was ok with me. We moved a lot of stuff around.

We finally got the "big boy bed" and installed it. His room looks great! I kindof envy it! He has all matching furniture and room for clothes in his drawers and a bookshelf that is mostly empty. It is pretty sweet! New sheets and a new bed. He hasn't gotten out of his bed at all at night which is wonderful. I was so worried that he was going to get in and out of bed all night but he hasn't. He is such a great and wonderful boy. He listens pretty much all of the time and I couldn't ask for a better child.

I just hope that the second one is just as good. :)

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