Monday, April 19, 2010


This weekend was a blur and pretty nice. Although yesterday was pretty warm, temperature wise.

Friday I had a nice "girl day" out. I went and got my toes done and right after that had a facial. It was really nice. I wish I could've had a massage, but it just isn't nice right now being pregnant. I mean, a prenatal massage is pretty nice, but I want to lay on my stomach and just have the tar massaged out of my back. That is the best part - when you put your head in the donut and you just sort of drift around in consciousness and not really think about anything too deep. Anyway, soon enough, I will be able to get a regular massage. I can't wait! Although, I will be really sad when I am not pregnant anymore. I am not sure how I feel about this one being the last baby. It is so much fun being pregnant, but Byron has made it abundantly clear that he does not want any more children. I may be able to persuade though, wink wink.

Well, then on Saturday we went to a company picnic. It was nice. This company goes all out for their employees, I must say. It was really nicely catered (as well as a picnic could be catered) with tons of food and they even had beer! They had 3 bounce houses and face painting and balloon sculptors and volleyball. We mainly just sat at the picnic table though and watched Squeakers jump in the bounce houses. He had a blast playing with the other kids. It was fun to watch. And, admittedly, I don't feel much like moving around these days. I am so doggone tired from being pregnant it is unbelievable! If I remember correctly, I had a lot of energy with the first pregnancy, but this one is totally wearing me down. My feet hurt at the end of the day and I really just feel like sitting on the couch and watching TV. I feel rather guilty though when my husband is chasing after the boy and doing stuff with him, but then again I feel like it keeps him busy and he likes to do that sort of stuff.

After the picnic we came home for some nap time and then we had dinner with our friends. It was good to have them over for dinner, we haven't done that in a while - probably because I haven't felt much like cooking lately.

Sunday we went to the movies to see "Dragon." It was cute and a good morning activity, but, man, are movie tickets getting expensive or what??? It was crazy! $14 for just my husband and I to go to a matinee! Oh well, I guess we don't go out too much so we can spend that on a movie. But, crap, I figured we could've bought the movie in a few months for that much money.

Then, the rest of the day was pretty lazy. More napping and sitting on the couch for me while the husband did stuff around the house.

He found a pretty awesome kids bedroom set on Craig's list that I really want to get. They want $550 for it. I can justify that much. I think if it isn't sold tomorrow, I will email them and see if they will take $525. I hope so. I really want this whole transition to go smoothly. But then what are we going to do with the queen bed? Oh gosh, I have no idea! Why is our house so small???!!

But, then I think about it and think that we are really lucky to even have a house these days.

Yes, yes - positive thoughts!

Plus, there are little birds out there saying we could have the chance to move to France or even to VA for a few months. How cool would that be? I would take either or, but VA might be easier. Plus, it would be for just a few months.

All in due time...

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