Monday, June 28, 2010

You are here!

And, you are a girl!

7 pounds, 8 ounces
19" long

Healthy and happy!

And, you don't cry at all! You are such a good little girl and I am very proud to be your Mom. Everyone told me that you were going to be a girl, and they were right. I guess I sort of figured it too since you were so different than Brannan's pregnancy. You just hit me with sickness straight off the bat and didn't let up - almost all the way to the end - just spurts here and there, but at the end there were some days of sickness.

Anyway, we should start at the beginning!

You were born on June 16th at 2:25pm.

You were due to be born on the 12th, but went a little later. I asked the OB if you could be induced because you were a couple of days past your due date and she said it would be ok. So, we scheduled you for a Wednesday.

I was really quite nervous, but very excited to see you. I packed my bag the night before and got up really early in the morning, at about 4:15 - took a shower, packed all my last minute items and drove myself (and you) to the hospital. I decided that Daddy should stay at home with Brannan and let him sleep a little while since I was going to get all hooked up and checked and changed in the morning. That wasn't something that your big brother needed to be there for.

Anyway, I got all changed and hooked up to pitocin and started emailing and talking on the computer. It was really just to pass time. And, it did pass some time. Finally, Daddy and your big brother showed up around 9ish - right after I got my blessed epidural. I was starting to feel cramps so I opted for the epidural. It was super easy and didn't hurt nearly as bad as the IV they put into my arm. Then, I couldn't feel my legs and I didn't have to get up to go pee all the time! It was awesome!

So, your brother watched quite a few movies while the minutes ticked by. Your Daddy was working from his computer and I was chit chatting to others on my computer. I got checked periodically and around 2:00 Daddy decided to take your brother out for a little walk.

The nurse decided to come in to check me after you guys left and she said, "Oh, ok, you are at 10cm now." all nonchalantly like that, and I was thinking "WHAT???@!!!??" And right then your Daddy texted me and he said "how are you doing?" and I dropped my phone because I was so nervous as they were putting me up in stirrups and then I managed to bend over and grab my phone and texted him back and said "IT's GO TIME!"

So, he and your brother hussled back into my room, everyone got set up, the doctor was called (she happened to go home for lunch) and we just waited on her. I was up in stirrups for quite some time waiting for her to arrive at the hospital.

Anyway, she finally got there (wearing white capri's nonetheless), got dressed and about 2:20 the nurse said, ok, don't push, just kindof cough and you can probably have this baby, so I rounded my back, gave a little push, and your head literally popped right out. Dr. Hunt was so stunned she had the funniest look on her face and she said "ok, ok, don't push, don't push" and I said "I'm not doint anything at all, I can't help it" because really, I couldn't help it because of the epidural and whatnot. And, then the rest of you popped right out. It was pretty amazing. Then they laid you on my stomach and I had to ask what sex you were because no one said anything, and finally someone lifted your little leg up and told me that you were a girl.

And that was that.

Now you are here and you are a wonderful baby and I can't wait to get to know you even better.

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