Monday, November 8, 2010

Aw, pretty girl, don't look so scared! It is just a huge gigantic flower on your head!

You are growing fast and furious. The other morning, I was holding you and I was drinking my first glass of cold water for the day and you just reached right out and swatted that glass right from my mouth! I couldn't believe it! You just didn't want me to have a drink at that moment, I guess.

You smile all the time whenever I say hi to you and the most awesome part of my day is when I go and get you in the morning and your face just breaks into the biggest smile, it seems as if your cheeks might crack from the sheer pressure.

I love it.

And, I love you.

We are coming into the holidays already and this will be your first Thanksgiving and your first Christmas. I know Brannan will command much of the attention, but you will be the prettiest girl in the house, no doubt!

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