Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I love your pretty blue eyes! I hope you keep them. And, Daddy does too!

That is one of the things that he says most about you. He really hopes that you keep your pretty blue eyes. I still think you are pretty though, blue or brown eyes!

Today you slept a lot and we were babysitting, so that was great.

You woke up a lot last night, but just needed to be wrapped up again and you fell back asleep. You really do need to learn how to sleep without a swaddle though, girl. The swaddle doesn't keep you contained anymore. You are so strong!

I remember swaddling your brother up. One wrap and he was gone. He would sleep for 10 hours straight in a swaddle. You - you sleep for a couple hours max. But, that's ok. Just a different kiddo!

Brother is screaming, gotta go.

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