Tuesday, October 13, 2009


No, not the kind of showers I long for. The gray days that are filled with steaming bowls of potato chowder or beef chili. These showers I am talking about are showers that we take every day to wash off the dirt and grime of the gym or the sleepy cobwebs of the night.

I don't take them alone anymore.

The second I say that I am going to take a shower, a certain little boy says, "no, no, no, ME take a shower!" and then I say, "oh, you want to take a shower?" and he says "OH YEAH!"

Oh boy.

It is totally cute and endearing, but sheesh, is nothing sacred anymore? Can I not get a little tiny break in the day?

Sometimes I can sneak off to my bedroom and take a shower when he is watching Sesame Street, but mostly, he is following closely on my heels as I put stuff away around the house and the second I walk into my bathroom, he says, "no, no, no, ME take a shower!"

That little dude is too funny!


Anywho - went out to lunch today with a couple of girlfriends and their baby/neice. It was nice, but I think I ate way too much food. I mean, when you order the Ninja lunch special at this place, I think they are thinking of the Beverly Hills Ninja (ok, ok, if you didn't see the movie, the ninja is played by Chris Farley). Ha ha, I crack myself up, I swear.

Well, I guess I have to crack someone up since no one else is reading this.

Then we went to the post office where it was totally jam packed because of the holiday yesterday and the baby wanted to not move so I had to drag him out by the shoulder.

He is really getting very opinionated these days. It is quite spectacular. I think he is entering his terrible two's. Crap - he JUST TURNED two! I thought this didn't really happen until the last half of the terrible twos!?! Oh well, most of the other time he is a wonderful child. I have been really looking at him in a different light these past few days. These aren't just the last few days that he will be this age, or this tall, or this small - these are the last days that he will be the *only* child. I mean, we still have a long way to go, but soon he will be sharing our love with another in the family. It is scary and exciting all at the same time.

Tomorrow will be a good day.

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