Monday, October 5, 2009

My car hates me

So, I have this car, well, ok, it is a BIG car - one of those SUV kindof cars, so I guess you can techincally call it a truck, but I digress.

I have this truck/SUV/automobile that has it out for me. I don't know why, but there is one part of this car that hates me. It is the front speaker on the driver's door. It is a good speaker and whatnot - it works just fine, it is just positioned directly where my right knee pivots to get out of the vehicle. So, I'm just getting out of the car, turn off the key, swing my left leg out, then swing my right knee and leg towards the door.

That's when I get it.

That is when my right knee literally grates on the speaker that is on the door.

It is like I'm running a microplane across my kneecap.

And it HURTS! Man alive, does it ever hurt!

Holy crap, so then I'm doing a little dance and saying "owie, owie, OWIE!" and Brannan is saying "sorry, mama" and I say, "it's ok baby, it is mama's fault" and then jump up and down and turn around in circles on my other leg.

My last scab was almost to the point of coming off! And, now, the scab and more skin has been grated into my speaker.

That damn speaker.

And, owie, it still hurts.

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