Wednesday, December 9, 2009

last day

It is the last day before I turn 35.

I never dreamed it would be like this.

The day part was good. Went to yoga, went to the grocery store, went to Target. Then came home, cooked and took a shower. By the time the boy woke up it was already 3!

This evening took a drastic downturn.

I'm frustrated with dealing with a toddler, have a huge backache, have total horomones running through me, am frustrated with husband, have been dreaming about exes, have been wishing I could have a gigantic alcoholic beverage, frustrated again, angry at nothing but toddler things and all-in-all, just a depressive lame-o.

Sucko huh?

I didn't want my last day of 34 to be like this.

Although I am thankful I am pregnant since I have been wishing for this for quite some time, I am frustrated too. I am tired all the time and hungry and have lost all patience with the increase in tummy. Is that possible?

The dirty chili pot is in the sink and the red water is making a wonderful pattern.

I just want to sleep, uninterrupted, for like 12 hours straight.

It doesn't help that we are dogsitting two neurotic dogs either.


Tomorrow will be better.

35 means changing my attitude.

Hello mid-life!

Wow, that's scary.

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