Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Well, my birthday turned out to be a little fun. Nothing too special. We had Byron's work holiday party to go to. I got a cool henna tattoo on my hand. It is still there and it has almost been a week now. He won a box of chocolates. I'm sure he would've wanted something else, but hey, it is better than nothing. I thought I looked really nice in my nice new red coat. I bought that for my birthday for myself. It is really nice. It is 3/4 length wool. I like the collar best. And the huge red buttons.

Oh, and I actually got to go out and get my hair "done" for the party. It was pretty funny because I went to Great Clips. They only charged me $11 for a blow out and a curl up. I really thought it looked nice. So, then I come home and there is an envelope on the table. I asked Byron what it was for and he just shrugged his shoulders. I didn't recognize the return label and wasn't expecting anything, so I opened it and lo and behold - I won the "free haircut for a year" from Great Clips!!! It is a card worth $100! Holy crap! I didn't even remember entering the contest either! But, hey, that is super cool and it will come in handy when I feel like I need a little something special for myself. I was so stoked. That was a great birthday present.

Then, the other present I got from my husband was an hour-long massage. That was on Saturday. I was so looking forward to just laying on my stomach for a whole hour while someone massaged my back. So, the appointment comes, I show up and the therapist asks me what's new. I say, "oh, not much, and I'm not sure my husband told you when he made the appointment, but I'm pregnant." She said "oh dear, I am going to have to adjust the table and pull out the other pillows because now I have to give you a prenatal massage." I said, "no, don't worry, you can just do the normal massage. I am only 14 weeks and I still sleep on my stomach, it is totally fine." And she just said, "no, I would feel better about it, and plus, you ARE pregnant, so I need to do this."

I understood because there is probably some sort of law or something that would prohibit her from giving me a regular massage. I was just a little bummed that I couldn't do the regular thing.

Anyway, I found out my girlfriend in NH is pregnant too. We are due just about the same time. It is really cool because I have been talking to her a lot on email. It is pretty much the only way we communicate. We don't do the phone. I don't know why. I just feel weird on the phone with people. I feel like I run out of things to say. But, when I am writing, I can just spill it all out. And when I am re-reading it in my head, it actually sounds good. But, I feel like we have been a lot closer now that we are sharing this pregnancy bond together. She had a really rough time with her birth last time. I guess she tore a lot and when she was sewn back up, they didn't do a very good job with it. Poor thing. I feel bad for her. But, it has been a few years now and I just keep telling her that this time will be a lot better and hopefully different.

Brannan and I went out to lunch today at Oregano's. It was nice but I realized that I was a little lonely. We were sitting out on the porch area and he was being a really good boy and all, but it was such a gorgeous day out, I really wish I had a good girlfriend or someone else to share it with in addition to my 2-year old. Although he is good at conversation now, he isn't the best, if you know what I mean.

Otherwise, I have another doctor's appointment on Thursday. Not sure what they are going to do to me this time. I have had all the genetic testing done so far. Maybe it will just be a standard check up.

Will keep you posted.

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