Tuesday, September 29, 2009

20 things about me

  • I love being a mom
  • I love to drink icy cold water all the time (unless I'm drinking cocktails)
  • Some days I really need some "alone/me" time but I usually don't get too much of it
  • When I was a little girl I tripped on a log and gouged a huge hole into my leg. I was too scared to tell anyone that I got hurt so I still have a huge scar
  • I wish I could wear nice clothes but my closet doesn't even have them in it
  • I hate my figure
  • I wish I could get pregnant
  • I really like to read cooking magazines
  • I love cake frosting - the frosting that you use to make letters and roses - that really chemically frosting, you know, red and blue
  • I am a huge fan of Howard Stern but I don't tell a lot of people because they think less of me - he really is a smart man!
  • I like to watch cooking shows too
  • I abhor roaches and freak out when I see them
  • My favorite thing to do is to take a sunset cruise on a boat - little boat, big boat, doesn't matter
  • I wish I wasn't such a pushover
  • I wish I had the balls to tell some people off
  • I like to be organized
  • I frequently can't sleep at night no matter how many pills/drinks I have
  • I still check on my 2-year old to make sure he is breathing when he is sleeping
  • I am really self-conscious
  • I wish I lived somewhere else

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