Friday, March 28, 2008

Wake up

This morning Squeaks busted out of his swaddler. Well, really only one arm, but he wasn't wearing any PJ's because it is getting quite warm at night now, so his little arm was sticking out and his belly was exposed. So, it was still pretty early, like 5am, and so I un-velcroed his swaddler and wrapped it around his belly to let his arms go free. He doesn't sleep very well without being swaddled, and I was already wide awake, so I thought i'd try it out for an hour. Well, he promptly did some stretches , rubbed his little eyes and then put his arms over his head like he was signaling a field goal. He slept like this for another hour and a half. It was so dang cute that I had to stand there for at least 5 minutes, laughing in my head, before I turned on his little light to wake him up for the day.

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