Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The power of positive thinking

Last week I went out with a co-worker for a few happy hour drinks. We started to talk about "The Secret" movie and book and how the power of positive thinking really does work. Actually, the owner of the company I work for gave me the movie to watch at home, and I thought it was pretty cool. This was WAY before Oprah made it the 'book of the month' and totally destroyed it for everyone. Ok, well, it wasn't destroyed, but Oprah made it so damn popular, it just got insane. I think I saw it a year before she did - not to brag or anything. But anyway, my friend was telling me how she saw the movie years ago and how it really changed her life. It even brought back her ex-husband into her life and they just got re-married. I hope that their marriage lasts. Anyway, back to positive thinking - so yesterday I wrote about how we are going to try to get the baby to sleep through the night - well guess what - he did!!! I was so dang excited!

I told my man about what I had been reading yesterday (establishing routines, letting him cry it out, etc) and told him I wanted to give it a shot. So, while I went to the gym, daddy gave him some green beans and squash that I made for him, and a bottle, then after I got home, we played a little and he had a small night-night bottle that had some rice ceral in it. He was super tired too, maybe that helped. We finished the terrible movie we were watching, then went to bed ourselves. Then, Squeaks woke up at 11 on the nose. I went in to his crib, gave him his passifier and put my hands on his little shoulders and just whispered to him. He went right back to sleep and didn't wake up again until 4am!!!!!

I was so surprised I woke up at 3 and went to check on him.

It was awesome! My positive thinking worked - or at least that's what i'm telling myself! How cool!

Going to the gym was good, I felt good afterwards, I just wish I could go when the baby wasn't awake. But, if I wait until that late, it will just mess up my schedule I think. At least I was 1lb down on the scale today.

On another note, I got one of those silly forwarded emails that talks about "getting to know your friends". I filled it out and sent it out, but one of the questions was "when you're angry, how do you vent?" I struggled with that one, but was pretty honest - I said I bottle it up and then just deal with it myself or write about it. I think this little home will help me do that too. I didn't want to say "blog about it" because then maybe my friends and family will find my blog. I wonder. But, I also said that I don't like conflict, which is really true. So, then if they do find my blog, will I think twice about what I write? Would I write just to entertain or just to spit it all out. Well, who the heck cares anyway. Whatever. If they find it, they find it. Big woop. It's not like I tell horrible stories about people here.

But, I better get back to work...

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