Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Rain bag

It was Tuesday, September 1st. I was waiting for "the news."

My friends were having a baby. Mom went into labor the night before and I was just waiting for the news.

So, I went out to get the newspaper that morning and the rain bag that was covering the newspaper that morning was PINK!

See, we didn't know the the sex of the baby up until then and I was convinced it was a boy. But, lo and behold, the rain bag just HAD to be telling me something!

I brought in the newspaper, put the rain bag in the little vase where we keep them and waited some more.

Finally, 9:00 came around and I got the call. It was a GIRL! The rain bag was right.

Maybe it is just the little things that we notice that really tell us what is going on in the universe.

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