Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Only 222 days to go so my little ticker on the side says!!!

Although, I just got some bad news - a friend of a friend who also just got pregnant has miscarried. I feel really bad for her - I guess they have been trying for 2 years now to get pregnant. Although they have an adorable little boy already, it must be tough having to go through something like that. I guess she has to go for a D&C tomorrow. Ugh, I can't even imagine having to go through something like that. I also have (had?) another friend who went through the same thing. She was 16 weeks along and when she went in for her appointment, they couldn't find the heartbeat. Terrible!

Anyway, I'm just clicking along here. 222 days to go. Nice even number. But so BIG! I have an appointment on Monday - just a regular checkup. Should be fun bringing my 2-year old along to that appointment. Oh well. You do what you need to do.

Last night I was watching one of my favorite shows "Intervention" and all of a sudden I hear a terribly cry from an animal outside. It sounded like cats fighting, and I always like to watch a good cat fight, so I went to the screen door to see what was happening, and when the sound came closer, I knew it wasn't a cat, it sounded like one of those little yippy dogs crying. I thought it got caught in a fence or something, and when I went outside, I see a white streak of dog then a brown streak of dog tear past me. Then an older woman is kindof trotting behind them trying to chase them. I only had a t-shirt and panties on, so I really wasn't dressed to help, so I watched them go down the street and the crying stopped. I went back inside and resumed my tv show.

So, fast forward to today - I'm laying down taking a little nap and this skinny little beyotch with gigantic sun glasses comes storming up to my door and says, "I need to talk to you." and I say "uh, excuse me???" And she says "I need to talk to you about your dog." and I say "ok" and she says, "No, I need you to come outside and talk to me about your dog."


I was half asleep and this little skinny minnie comes acusing MY dog (yeah, she is bad, but she isn't that bad) of almost killing her little yippy dog! She says "I have a dog at home right now that can't even walk and my Mom, who is on the phone, says it was a brown dog that looks exactly like that one right there (points to Zeffie)."

Uh, yeah, right.

I wish I had my wits about me, but I didn't because I just woke up, but if I did, I TOTALLY would've told her off! I mean, who is she to come and accuse my dog of almost killing her dog?!?


I told her it wasn't my dog, we were all in the house, the baby and my husband were asleep and I was watching my tv show.

She kinda believed me.

I told her I hope she finds the culprit.

Because I totally would've fessed up if it was mine.

If it was a half-dead cat, though, things might've been different.

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