Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I know, I know - Thanksgiving and Christmas aren't even here yet, but I'm already thinking about January too much.

See, there is a marathon here in town and my husband and sister-in-law are going to be running in this marathon. It all started as sort of a joke, but now it has blown up into this huge thing. Now, friends of the family are going to come into town, my husband's mother is coming all the way from Florida and now we may have more people coming from New Hampshire.

All for this silly little marathon!

Well, and probably for the good weather too since it will be in January and Arizona has the best winter weather.

But, I'm a little stressed out about all the details of this. I'm wondering how I am going to feed all these people, where everyone is going to sleep, how the details are all going to come together, if I'm going to have ANY fun at all being pregnant and not being able to drink any alcohol. Yanno, it is just a big old stresser. Well, I guess maybe I shouldn't be too stressed about it. I am trying to get through the holidays with some fun.

I am expecting 9 people and 2 dogs from out of town.

Not all of them are going to stay at my house of course - geez, there wouldn't be enough room unless we blew up our inflatable bed and put it in the pool. I don't think people would like that very much though in case they rolled off the bed into the pool.

I just wish we had a bigger house.

On that note, the realtor that sold us this house is coming by today to give us a few tips on what we need to do to spruce up the house to sell it. See, since we are going to add another chitlun to the mix, we need a bigger house and more space. I have no idea how we are going to pay for it or if this house will even sell, but we have to try nonetheless.

Now I have to go clean up said house for said realtor.

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