Saturday, November 21, 2009


So, yesterday I was watching tv while the little man napped and a commercial came on, naturally.

It started out all wintery - the snow coming down, the perfect white-clapboard house, the perfect porch and the perfect holiday outdoor decorations, and this super handsome guy (mid 20's) rings the doorbell. A super cute (maybe 17?) girl opens the door. The guy says, "uh, I think I'm at the wrong house?" and she smiles her sugary-sweet smile, points to herself and says "sister!"

He gives her a hug and they both walk into the house. She says "you know, they were waiting up all night for you" and he says "well, it is a long flight from Central America" (or something like that).

Then, you see the coffee brewing and the scent permeates the house. The parents are awakened and they roll out of bed rushing to get on their robes.

The hunk pulls out a present with a red bow on it for his sister and says "I brought something for you from far away." She turns it around and around in her hands, pulls off the red bow and sticks it on his chest.

He says "what are you doing?"

She says "you ARE my present."

Cue the crying.

Damn horomones make me cry watching a Folgers commercial!

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