Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

It was a mellow Halloween. What with me being pregnant and my husband just getting back from his hunting trip. He was exhausted from driving for 19 hours straight!

But, we still carved a pumpkin and my parents and our friends came over to celebrate. I made some french onion soup, but I was so nauseous I couldn't barely eat anything. This pregnancy has been a little strange at the beginning here. I have been really sick and have had a lot of abdominal pain. It kinda sucks, but it is tolerable.

Anyway, back to Halloween...

So, since we did a lot of Halloween celebrating last week in Disneyland, I didn't dress up (no one did really, but we did dress up the baby.

He was a skeleton!

He only went to a few houses because we have so much candy from our Disneyland trip - we were actually trying to give it all away! Plus, being 2, he really doesn't need that much candy laying around the house (either do I!)
Now, we are back into the swing of things. Going to the gym and going to the park. It is super nice out now so we can go outside and do fun things again.
I am so glad that I am pregnant now - I get to enjoy all the cool weather without being uncomfortable.
It was a fun Halloween, nice to hang out with family and friends. It will be Brannan's last Halloween as the "only child" which I am kindof sad about. He is so smart now and he makes sentences and knows what he wants and what he doesn't want. Even my Mom said she can understand what he says now! Oh, he is growing up so fast! He is such a cutie!
Anyway, we were all in bed by 9:30.
As we went for a bike ride yesterday morning, I saw 3 guys sitting on their front lawn drinking beer at 10 in the morning. And, since Halloween was on a Saturday night, that was a big party night around our neighborhood since we live in a college town. And I remarked to my husband: "Gone are the days when we wake up the next day and start drinking beer to relieve the hangover!"
Ah yes, we have definitely been there...

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